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  1. I have seen a lot of girls with mild acne, a dew pimples here and there and they're still hot/cute. On the other hand even if a girl is cute but has moderate or severe acne that definately effects her looks. It's much harder for girls with acne than for guys with acne.
  2. Not unless you want to come out looking like you just ate some chilli peppers. My skin gets sunburned on nTaz in 10 min.
  3. The thing is that there is no such thing as being 100% clear. Even people who don't have VISIBLE acne have clogged pores and tiny whiteheads. That's just how things work. I've been on Taz for 5 weeks now and have definately noticed improvement. I would say I am 85% clear. I went of off it for 4 days and had a mild breakout. The thing with TAz is is that it clears up existing pimples VERY quickly. When I went of TAz for thjose 4 days I got a cyst on my chin and it cleared up in two days, lite
  4. Sickofthis, I use Duac in conjuction with Taz. Surprisingly my skin has been less dry since I began Tazorac and ended Benzamycin. Duac dries my skin out a bit but not too bad. It depends on the day. Some days my skin is drier than others. I use duac on the morning and Taz at night. I use the .05% cream. For moisturizing I use eucerin renewal and for the facial wash it's Cetaphil liquid wash.
  5. Guess what, sickofthis, my zits were also locaclized on my chin. Putting on Taz everyday is too much for me because I get sunburned in 10 min. if it's sunny outside. I don't know what I'm gonna do when the summer comes around. Do you use another topical in conjunction with Taaz such as Duac or Benzamycin?
  6. I went of Taz for 4 days and my skin also started to look better (in terms of being less irritated). Although I started to get a few very small zits and when I went back on I had a very small initial breakout. 2 or 3 very small zits. I'm applying it every other day now.
  7. Taz has cleared me up virtually 100% but my face is red as if I got sunburned. I'm going to use it every other day instead or every third day. has anybody tried this before? Sickofthis, when Taz is used your skin becomes VERY sensitive. Your skin is also very THIN. Once I started scratching y face because I had an itch and next thing I knew I was bleeding a little.
  8. Yes, Yazorac is only out on at night. I'd go witrh the cream if your skin tends to be dry anyway. You'll be putting on the cream and night and your face is greasy for the first 20-30 min. after you out it on, while it fully absorbs. After that my face isn't greasy at all. The one side effectg that I have is that since it works by making thbe olil glands smaller my face has been very oily. I've onloy been on Taz for 2 weeks and I think that my body is trying to compenstae for the smaller oil gl
  9. Benzamycin is total crap because of how it is made. It will totally dry out your skin and absorbs poorly into the skin. I was on benzamycin for a year and regretted every time I had to put it on. It worked but the side effects were not worth it. I'm on Duac now and am very satisfied with it. It doesn't fry out my skin as it's based on purified water and absrobs very well. BTW, benzamycin smells like s**t.
  10. I think adapalene is Dthe main ingredient in differin. You may have the generic version.
  11. I believe it is because Taz Gel (as most gels) are mixed with ethyl alcohol instead of purified water. Alcoho0l dries up the skin therefore it is recommended for oily skin.
  12. I lift and in no way do I think that it contributes or even aggrevates my acne. The only type of excercise that gets ones testerone levels up are squats, which I don't do anyway.
  13. I've been on Taz for about 2 weeks now and even though I oly had mild acne when I started it ( was on benzamycin for a while) I can say that I believe it is working because my forehead has definitely cleared up (my one big problem area) and my cheekbone area is also starting to clear up (my other problem area). It also has made my skin smoother and softer. BTW, I use it in conjuction with DUAC topical. I use Duac in the morning and TAz at night. BUT, one warning: prepare for an OILY face. Ta
  14. Usually Dr.'s put you on an anti-biotic ( like minocycline) and some sort of topical like BP or a retinoid. ask your Dr. for a retinoid. I'm on Taz and Duac.
  15. get DUAC insted it is the same thing (1% cllindamycin and 5% BP) and MUCH better then benzacly. It's about $100compared to Benzaclin at $130.