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  1. I have oily skin too and I also bought Dickinson's witch hazel. I feel like it actually made me more oily, despite all the good reviews of witch hazel out there. I think this is because of the alcohol content of Dickinson's. I haven't tried an alcohol-free witch hazel, but I've seen them in stores.
  2. I purchased a serum online that calls itself a "potent anti-aging serum". I am not directly interested in anti-aging but it often seems that ingredients intended for aging skin also benefit acne - cell turnover, plumping out scars, etc. I bought it to help smooth my bumpy, scarred complexion. I purchased it because it appears free of inactive ingredients, where the pesky comedogenic ingredients are often found in other products. I attached the label, but this product says it only contains ret
  3. I'm 22 and I have oily skin. My journey with acne and acne treatments began when I was 7 years old. I actually don't have hormonal acne anymore (thanks, spiro!) but I have a lot of deep, closed comedones all over my face with a few inflamed pimples cropping up each week. All in all, I've come a long way from the cystic, volcanic skin I had 2-3 years ago. A few days ago, I asked about how to remove closed comedones in the Oily Skin forum, and a commenter mentioned salicylic acid. I used BHAs i
  4. They are written next to each other on the ingredients list...so I'd be cautious. I don't know if it matters whether they are together or added to the formulation separately. I wouldn't personally trust it but I'm really neurotic about ingredients. I recommend CeraVe lotions -- they are truly noncomedogenic and they have different lotions for oily and dry skin types. You can find it in many stores.
  5. There are a lot of products made by companies other than Clearasil that are 10% benzoyl peroxide creams. Persa-gel is a common one; so is Zapzyt, and AcneFree Univ. Medical has a cream too. Welcome to acne.org Sounds like you're in the right place.
  6. A lot of otc formulations won't give the percentage value, but it would be misleading if they did. Retinol has to be converted to retinoic acid (the skin does this) but the conversion is by no means perfect. So a 5% retinol topical is not comparable to a 5% differin cream (I know differin doesn't come this strong- just making the point). Green Cream is an otc retinol product that is supposedly the closest to prescription strength, but it's spendier than the stuff I recommended.
  7. I really like Neutrogena's Anti-Wrinkle day cream. It's a retinol/multivitamin cream that is non-comedogenic (maybe not a "true" cream), but I ran into the same issue of paying for Differin and have since switched. I don't notice a difference, except that I use this both day and night. My face looks so smooth and glowy during the day! I have very oily skin but I feel like this cream is moisturizing enough that my skin is producing a little less oil; I now take about 6 hours post-application to g
  8. Are you sure your dose is 0.25 mg? I don't think spiro is manufactured at that low of a dose. Likely 25 mg. In any case, I take 50 mg twice a day and have for 2 years now. It took a while (~3 months) to see a difference, but the number of days I woke up without new pimples was the first thing I noticed. I used to get a few new cysts a week, and that also began to slow. It made me slightly less oily after that, but this was a less noticeable effect. Are you taking the spiro with food? Unlike a
  9. If you click on the images they become more clear.
  10. Hi there, I have these deep, small, white "cysts" in my smile lines (the fold from the edge of the nose to the edge of the mouth) on both sides of my face. I can only see them when I stretch my skin - see the awkward photo attached. I have had these same lumps since I was 17 and I'm almost 23 now. They are completely painless. I have a dermatologist and I asked him to look at them, but I don't think he was really able to see them. Sometimes when I squeeze them, stringy, dense pus emerges, b