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  1. I know how you feel,I had been using bp for like 6 or 7 years,it worked off and on but it seemed to be the only thing that worked. I stopped using it cause my skin was getting so dry,even with moisturizer my skin was very dry. Also I realized my mom,my sister,all my aunts and my gramma have good skin but they never used anything on their skin well atleast not bp or anything like that. So I slowly weened it out of my care routine but I was worried my skin would be even worse! I basically replaced
  2. Ive taken antibiotics alot in my life but for bronchitis,I learned not to take to much,I asked the doctor and he even admitted to me its not good to take them for too long cause they will also go after the good bacteria in your system! Im actually scared of pills cause I am one of those people that had a very bad reaction to accutane when I was 19!!! Depending on whether your skin is oily,dry or combination skin theres many natural stuff you can use that works better then any of the specifically
  3. I see nothing in anyones profile to add people as friends?
  4. Ive used revlon before and it was a decent foundation.Im really liking this Almay line smoothing makeup though!
  5. Dont give up! I had sever acne and Im now clear,Ive been clear for about 3 years now!Check out my older posts,they have all the natural stuff Ive been using that healed my skin and none of it will make your skin worse,I have very sensitive acne prone skin myself but the all natural stuff does wonders for me!
  6. Definatly eating healthy will help a lot!Also my skin tends to get dry and flakey and I noticed if I exfoliate twice a week it really helps keep my skin smoother and clearer!I use a homemade mask/exfoliate though.
  7. All the acne products I used did nothing but make my skin worse!Ive been using all natural stuff honey,acv,stuff like that for the past almost 3 years and my skin has gone from severe acne to clear,I only get a breakout around my period now but nothing major!I got my life back and Im currently in school now,acne really held me back from my dreams,I thank god or the universe that it is gone!
  8. I use warm water,cold water can sometimes be bad for your skin just as much as hot water!
  9. No actually its different cause squeezing them yourself you are putting pressure and trauma on the skin which will cause swelling and may push the infection deeper in the skin,if it drains itself from washing your face or in the shower that is the best way then it will clear up.
  10. I make enough for one use at a time,use about 6 teaspoons of sugar,two teaspoons of acv,one teaspoon of olive oil and about 3 or 4 teaspoons of honey so it sticks together and mix it well.
  11. Hi Dr. Z cant wait to hear what your using! I love all natural stuff,all the natural things Ive used have done wonders for my skin,the only store bought products I use are cetaphil or aveeno for facewash to remove makeup.
  12. I posted this a year ago and Im still clear!!!!
  13. Im thrilled I found a good foundation!Actually a couple...one is by elizabeth arden but its almost $40 a bottle!So I bought Almay line smoothing makeup it works great for my skin and looks really natural,Ive been using it the past week and so far it hasnt caused any breakouts!
  14. Melodie

    Feeling bad

    Your scarring is similar to mine,its not bad at all,to get rid of redness try apple cidar vinegar/olive oil toner mix with water and apply like a toner,it works great!
  15. Melodie

    Right cheek

    I think your skin looks great to be honest,and the scarring is very very mild!
  16. I use sugar to exfoliate,it works great and it isnt irritating at all.Years ago I used st ives apricot scrub but that is way to rough for delicate facial skin.
  17. No one is immune to having flaws! Granted some of my friends have gorgeous flawless skin but even on occassion they get acne,never anything severe but they dont obsess over it like I used to. Im just very thankful that only get acne once in a while now cause having severe acne is very hard to deal with and live a normal life. There is a girl in my class at school shes very pretty even though she has severe acne,I truelly feel her pain,I was there 3 yrs ago,I want to tell her how I fixed my skin
  18. Im am literally amazed at what using this mask has done for my skin,also been using the acv and olive oil toner and its really helped get rid of my dry flakey skin which helped stopped the breakouts I was having,I feel great now that my skin looks 80% better!
  19. I love estee lauder eye shadow!! Never tried the foundation,actually every foundation I ever used was drug store/walmart brands. I actually havent really worn foundation at all the past 3 years but I want to wear it again cause I have dark circles around my eyes and my skin looks tired lately!!! It needs a little help! I remember wearing revlon and loreal years back they werent too bad. I will never use covergirl or maybeline again the broke my skin out horribly. Anyone ever try clinique foundat
  20. Well some scars,I mean indented ones do go away!! I had indented scars on both sides of face,the right side of my face is smooth and th scars are gone!!! I still have a scar on my left cheek though its like right on my cheekbone area but its only noticable up close,you really cant see it at all in pictures!! Around the time when I had more scars I was using apple cider vinegar as a toner and aloe vera everyday. So I think thats what repaired my skin. I still use acv and aloe vera. I think the on
  21. I came across some homemade skincare and discovered some great stuff that has made a huge improvement on my skin in a weeks time! As far as my skin,I dont have severe acne anymore,its pretty mild mainly just around my period I get some bad inflamed spots. Along with that Ive been having really dry bumpy skin and it had been really bothering me. Anyway this mask I used now 3 times in the last week has worked miracles. All you need is honey,olive oil,sugar and apple cider vinegar mix ingrediants i
  22. Thanks for replying,I havent been on here in a while! Its just strange when I was younger makeup always made me look better,now it makes my skin look even worse! I mean texture wise it looks worse,makeup covers redness which is good but not so much help when it makes my skin texture look gross,lol. I tried bare minerals and didnt really care for it,physicians formula mineral powder is ok as long as I dont use too much but Im looking for something more moisturing and not so cakey and powdery. I w