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  1. I've taken BP for over 3 weeks now. My bumps are almost none to a little but these are still red. Will the redness fade? I'm getting really hopeless right now.
  2. Hey everyone, I got hydrogen peroxide from my doctor and he said I should apply it daily. I used to do that ever night but yesterday I also did it in the morning. My acne has fewer bumps than before but the redness is kind of worse. Is this normal? And should I not apply it twice a day? Btw im using a 10%
  3. Has anyone got worse acne by drinking beer or any other alcoholic beverages or did it got better by drinking it?
  4. Hello everyone, Whenever I ate a lot of sugar and sweets in the last couple days, my acne starts getting worse and new pimples start to develop so my question is: Is it common for people with acne that it gets worse when eaten a lot of sugar? And how many grams should I take daily then?