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  2. hi zxcvbnm123 , Your skin doesn't look like it has too many active lesions (one of my clients calls them "diamonds" haha). More so the aftermath from the wonderful condition we call Acne. I would recommend doing a series of Microdermabrasion and Chemical peels. The skin re-growth cycle is every two weeks, generally deeper scarring in the dermis (layer under the 'epidermis') is gone within a year. Since you're still trying to erase the damage, it seems as though your hormones may be a little
  3. Not all IPL technicians are created equal!

    I rate 5 stars - if done properly I'm so sorry to hear the horror stories you guys are sharing! I own a Laser Clinic/Corrective Esthetics shop, and also have been an Acne 'victim' since I was 9 or so. To give you the insiders info, and not just coming from some quack esthetician looking for her next commission or tip...I can tell you a few things. *IPL will not help acne 'scarring' - not possible in any way. IPL works beneath the skin, not the scarring on the surface. *If you got Hyperpigmen