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  1. neutrogena sucks. all of their products make me break out like crazy. I us maybelline foundation + powder. best stuff ever.
  2. ^^^ I seriously think its the severity of the acne that they had, and how long they had it. I had mild/moderate acne for a year and I have red marks galore-*hoping that they go away soon* I'm also using Differin, and I heard that helps.
  3. I just got some samples of Differin. Its been working well (so far. no I.B. [knock on wood]) and I just wanted to know: I've heard it practically erases red marks, is this true? And how long does it usually take for them to dissapear?
  4. what does this have to do with sex
  5. I just got a sample of differin, I've known a few people to have used it and it has made their skin clear.
  6. has anyone else broken out from it? j/w
  7. I use maybelline pressed powder. It works wonders for my oily skin
  8. fake acne!!!thats just wrong,lol. I turned on an interview with this tennis player today, a young girl , she had pretty obvious acne. Saw Nelly Furtado singing live on this show, through her makeup you could see some acne and marks. Some peeps in coranation street have it. :D Jared Padaleki from supernatural sometimes has it in the show. Erm, yeah thats all i can think of right now, but everyones human, even tv and movie stars *Cameron Diaz *Brad Pitt *Angelina Jolie *Kiera K
  9. If you are a dermatologist, assuming you took a chemistry course once in your life, then you'd know that vinegar has a low pH (around 3)...... labgirl strikes again Sorry, forgot about that. It was 2:00AM in the night and I was a bit intoxicated. Luckily, im better now. I must've misread the original poster's statement saying that acids have high pH. Now i remember, its the alkalis that have the high pH levels. thanks. Whats that smell?? Ah yes. The smell of bullsh*t
  10. I thought you haven't popped it enough until it bleeds, or clear liquid comes out ....
  11. I made my appointment to the dermatologist about a month ago. Then I didn't have any control of my acne. I went to Daytona to see some family, and while I was there, my sisters friend pulled me aside and revealed to me how she used to struggle from severe acne,(mine isn't severe, but considering I take a lot of pride in my looks, every flaw makes me want to hide under a rock) and how she's seen countless dermatologists and tried everything from Neutrogena to Differin. Well she suggested somethin
  12. exactly what I do sometimes. It works for me. I've also learned how to put on makeup without looking. Mad skillz.