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  1. Because of all the hypes I've heard about goji berries, I bought the "Dynamic Health Goji Gold" brand from Vitacost after reading the site reviews. I hesitated to purchase because it was pretty expensive ($17.56 for 32oz juice), but I've seen people buy the stuff at $40 at health stores. I thought of it as a cheap dinner cost and bought it a few weeks ago, but I tried it for the first time this moring (because I'm taking other supplements). It says to drink 1-3 oz on an empty stomach, but I su
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tazorac "Some studies have shown that long-term use of tazarotene to be associated with increased collagen production and better organization of skin collagen bundles." I've been gone a while from acne.org, but this thread facinates me. Although I could see how hunter got her purely-lucky result, I would definitely NOT RECOMMEND her regimen to others (as she would agree). You should NEVER pick at your scabs, never expose freshly exfoliated/sensitive skin to su
  3. mrstupor, Your wounds are probably still in the metabolic stage actively healing. The redness you're noticing won't begin to fade for at least 6 weeks, so give it some time. dcychanhk, Keep massaging the red spot near your lip to prevent scarring. Also look out for any sign of potential hypertrophic scar once the wound is completely healed (flat level to surrounding skin) on the lip area. As soon as the wound heals but you seem to notice signs of raised scar forming, I would start ap
  4. daisy, Absolutely do not use a solution made with 95% TCA crystal and 5% part water. The 100% TCA solution for chemical peel is made with equal parts of weight/volume for TCA/water. If you want the 100% TCA solution, have the pharmacist mix equal parts of gram TCA crystals per cc water (example, 50g TCA crystals in 50cc water), but I would personally dilute with more water just to be on a safer side. Please read the page 22 and 26 on this forum as well.
  5. hmm... I would personally avoid applying oils, etc., once the scabs are formed. Prolonged soaking will only help loosen scabs to fall off earlier than what the Cross method targets for (longer the scab stays on, the better). I would avoid duration longer than ten minutes for scabs to stay in wet environment if possible. When you get scabs too wet, as it may crack and allow bacteria to get into the wound as well. Prematually exposed wound will scab again and you may potentially risk scarrin
  6. I'm not sure what you're using for an applicator, but you should use a toothpick as the applicator. Also, when you're dipping it out of the TCA solution, you shouldn't let droplets form at the end of the toothpick, but simply let it glisten a bit even if that means you'd have to dip more than once for each scar site. Also, on shallow scars, I would recommend using 40% solution or less.
  7. Oh no!... you must've somehow dropped a tca drop while applying to your other scars... It's really too late for anything other than waiting it out... reaction/wounding is already complete with the frosting.
  8. No, i'm not talking specifically of Dr. Lee's use of TCA concentration, but he most likely used the weight by volume concentration level. Korean articles do not detail any medical principles at a great length - they've only been widely experimenting with TCA since 1989. I had to make sense of it all by studying the medical studies in English and correlate the findings with educated understanding.
  9. Looks like I've typed an error there... It's not mg - it's g. A 100% percent solution of TCA peeling agent would be 100g TCA acid crystals mixed in 100cc of water for a weight-to-volume method (preferred). Remember that I've mentioned that the TCA concentration listing is unstandardized in the product market. It could be talking of weight to volume, volume to volume, dilute to volume, etc.
  10. Those of you interested in buying the crystal form of TCA (btw, the empirical formula for it is C2HCL3O2), you will probably need to buy a very precise scale at least to the 0.1 g measurability. You'll also need ml/cc measuring cup/beaker. If you can't understand what I'm talking of and never took chemistry, don't bother buyinig the crystal form for your own synthesys.
  11. The cross study concludes that the method does normalize all types of scars, including the rolling scars, with repeated treatments. Keep in mind that positive results are probably not easy to see immediately after each procedure. Here's a quote of a medical study. "Intradermal postoperative edema continues to improve for 3 months. As the swelling resolves, deep rhytids and acne scars may initially appear to have persisted; however, collagen remodeling of the defect continues for another 3-6