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  1. Good morning! So many questions, but I will try to cover all of them the best I can. Yes, all acne is hormonal. Breakouts are usually worse around our period because our hormones fluctuate, causing lower estrogen and progesterone, which generally causes skin produces more oil. Cystic acne is the larger, painful knots that emerge under the skin. Usually, cysts cannot be immediately popped. They are very painful and generally will take 3-10 days before anything will come out of them. It usua
  2. My acne is located all over my face. I don't have the neck type that is classified as "hormonal adult acne". I have been to the dermatologist. Because of my brain injury and hydrocephalus, she says any antibiotics are to be avoided unless prescribed by my brain injury doctor, who refuses to allow me to take anything that isn't a necessity for life because my brain is healing. I was prescribed a topical, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I've only been on it two weeks though. I have cut
  3. I have gotten desperate here. First, a brief history for you all. I have always been on A.D.D medication, if that is relevant. My acne started when I hit puberty. It wasn't just normal teenage acne, it was the kind that shows up when you google "acne". At the age of 17, in complete desperation, I took Accutane for 10 months. My skin was PERFECT and my self esteem was higher than it had ever been. Age 19, my acne came back and worse than ever. I was put on my second course of Accutane. Once