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  1. Thanks KOPUNCH!! Yeh hopefully the swab will tell me what it is. Anyone know if folliculitus can be diagnosed from a swab? Do my pictures look anything like what you had (e.g. small soft whiteheads mixed with some crusty orange stuff) Shall see how the next week goes and I'll see what happens. Did you notice a difference in oilyness with your combination?
  2. I was using epiduo with 2.5%BP in it which didn't help that much with this particular "bout". This isn't like what I had before. Its like whiteheads without the spot like bit but it's still inflamed and when they "leak" there is usually a crusty yellow/Orange coating after. Looks very similar to what's described here: http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/317185/mrsa-impetigo-bacterial-skin-infection-treatments Thing is I just finished finished a 7 day course of flucloxacillin which possibly
  3. be careful

    This stuff combined with oral erythromycin saved me. Had severe acne with pretty bad cysts and nothing else could get rid of them. Didn't notice an initial breakout because my acne was so bad an I dint really pay attention! Funny thing was I probably used it incorrectly. I would lightly wash my face with a face cloth and hot water then apply like 3 times as much as you're supposed to. I don't recommend this btw. It did burn initially but it didn't really bother me as my face was so painful alre
  4. Really need some help her! Quick bit of back ground. After struggling with severe acne for about 6 months I finally find a saving grace in the form of epiduo and oral erythromycin (as I couldn't have roaccutane). Basically completely cleared me and only left me with some minor scars. Best feeling I've ever had. Then after a night out during a couple of stressful weeks, I woke up with a very oily face and a couple of slightly inflamed whiteheads. Kept on going with both treatments but my skin ke