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  1. I went from cyst's to maybe 1-2 tiny zits a week. Started taking saw palmetto 5 weeks ago, oily skin was gone withing a DAY. It literally killed my oil, next day I woke up after taking it the first time and my skin got smooth as hell. no oily\greasy feeling. I take 320mg with 85-95% active fatty acids. The most important thing in saw palmetto is the % of fatty acids in it. So 320mg 45% fatty acids=160mg 90% fatty acids. If no fatty acid % is written on the label, its useless. Like 3000m
  2. I don't think temperature and humidity level affect how much DHT your body produces.
  3. Testosterone doesn't cause acne. its dehydrotestosterone. Testosterone is converted to 3 hormones, estrogen, dehydrotestosterone and the rest that remains flows in the body as "free testosterone". Orgasm causes testosterone to be converted to DHT. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2549675/ "Serum dihydrotestosterone concentration was the only independent hormonal predictor of the frequency of orgasms; an increase in concentration of 1.36 nmol/l (about 2 SD) correspo
  4. Abstinence from orgasm is a proven way to cure oily skin.
  5. Reduce ejaculation frequency, this will get rid of oily skin(and clear acne).
  6. Rub alcohol on your skin it works like magic. Dries out the skin (gets rid of the oil), which in turn causes the dead skin cells (that block the pores) to shed more, thus allowing the new skin cells to generate faster. And on top of all that it kills bacteria\infections.
  7. Masturbation\sex doesn't make acne worse, it CAUSES acne in the first place and then makes it worse if you continue excessively ejaculating. Your acne wont decrease if you reduce your frequency from once a week to once every 2 weeks, but it will decrease if you will decrease your frequency to once every 2 month or longer. Take clean 30 days now, you will see how your face gets better[and oil is reduced], this will give you motivation to keep going.
  8. Raised bumps? stab them in the middle with a needle, drain all that sh1t out.
  9. lol. Stop masturbating and having sex for 3 month, oily skin will go away.*