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  1. same... i think i just threw up a little looking at that site...
  2. Oh gosh, I'm sorry =(... i break out from sodas too as i drink them rarely... maybe it's the sudden sugary fix? hmm.
  3. I don't think any mascara will get them THAT long! Perhaps try falsies?
  4. I don't eat peanut butter at all, and I still get acne?
  5. I get milia under my eyes... are they tiney white bumps that are hard and hurt like a bitch when you try to squeeze them? Hm, I'm not sure what to use to prevent them... I've heard exfoliation is good, but yeah... don't use creams that are too rich because I've heard that causes milia too >.<
  6. 3 step = breakout on forehead... Perhaps it might have taken a while for everything to clear up after an initial breakout... but I didn't want to risk it... however... I've got the spot treatment gel...and I think it's pretty effective for whiteheads and minor cysts... it shrivels them out without leaving a great big fat red mark like when I was using BP... (this is SA instead)... I'm also using the total turnaround cream nightly and the 15 minute facial once per week... I have to say these
  7. Melbourne! Yeah, i went down into the city on friday not knowing there was an AFL parade or something... and it was crazy with all the swans and eagle supporters... couldn't find a seat on the train at all =(
  8. Yeah, unforunately I reckon no amount of makeup can get rid of the '3Dness' of the bump... it just makes them less red... perhaps stick onto your regimen until they flatten, even perhaps turn into red marks which you can then cover...
  9. I use a gentle scrub every day in the shower to get rid of flakes... I guess it should be okay as long as you dont scrub too hard or have really sensitive skin...
  10. I second that. Me too - so I keep a set of 'real' pictures, and then photoshop the duplicate copy
  11. Just make sure you don't get them toooooo short, because if it's too long, you can always shorten them. Just get your HD to take off little by little and get him/her to keep asking you if that's the length you want! I have a side fringe... and I find that if it's too shot, it's a pain in the rear to get it to sweep to one side! But anyway, fringes are hot... unless you have an oily forehead, which I do, and it can get a little annoying, so most days I just choose to clip it up =) Good luck
  12. I guess it just looks better in winter cos there is less light and is usually gloomy, hiding scars and stuff... but also cos there's less oil to feed my pimplies
  13. Use it ONLY on the red marks if you are still breaking out... I don't dare use it on really oily areas of my face like my nose because I'm scared i'll break out, but I spread it liberally on my upper cheeks (where I never break out) and it leaves a lovely dewy 'glowy' look! But for the rest of the red marks, I use a q-tip and just dot the stuff on... Good luck and i hope it works for ya!
  14. It definitely wont totally disappear... I've been using for a couple of months, and there is a definite fading, they haven't totally gone yet
  15. As much as I'd love to agree with Thereishope, some of the things Piznti says is right... when you come to meet a guy who is that sensitive and caring and not-shallow, there are plenty of other girls that would snap him up. *sighhhh*
  16. Yeah, I think it's the fact that you have a BF, he feels like if he acts too friendly with you, he may be interferring with your relationship...
  17. My gosh... that's me also... except swap all male traits for female... I totally understand what you're going through... especially with this point: A lot of the time, I meet a nice shy girl; I think she loves me, but then I find out that she wants to be friends with me, and she already has a boyfriend. This really pisses me off. Everytime I meet a guy, it's like they're all friendly and stuff, and I think they like me, but it turns out it's all in my head and they like someone else or are
  18. Ew, that's pretty grosse!! I just think that you know those concealers that come in wands or sticks... never apply them directly to the skin or else you're just spreading... maybe use a cotton pad or cotton tips to apply
  19. Oh my goodness you're a frieking model! Beautiful :o
  20. That's just fucked up... If I were you I'd leave home as soon as possible. I agree... I didn't even know mothers would call their own kids this... it's very cold-hearted
  21. We're for you babe! But unfortunately I did that once and totally broke me out on my cheeks where I don't usually break out. Added to the depression
  22. Ooh, and I know it's overrated, but I love it: James Blunt - You're Beautiful