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  1. I found this fermented Chinese Kombucha tea at Whole Oats and it is awesome! It's three dollars a bottle (!) and has a slight amount of alcohol in it but it tastes really good and is filled with probiotics (2 billion organisms), active enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, and polyphenols. In addition to the raw organic tea it has blue-green algae, chlorella, and spirulina. It only has 35 calories per serving, 7 grams of carbs, and 2 grams of sugar. It also has 20% of daily intake per serving of V
  2. Have any of you experienced bladdar problems from taking antibiotics? I took 4 different antibiotics in two months about 3 months ago and have had chronic bladdar pain ever since. When tested, at first they said they found bacteria but now they do not, yet I still have pain. I'm not going to start taking probiotics to get the good bacteria back. But I found this fermented Chinese Kamboocha tea at Whole Oats and it is awesome. It's three dollars a bottle (!) and has a slight amount of alcohol in
  3. Hydrogenated oils are simply oils or fatty acids that have an H2 added to them, turnging them into partially saturated or saturated fats, which are bad for you. The H2 reduces one or more double bonds to single bonds. They are actually more stable than the original fatty acid because they are less likely to be oxidized (oxygen causes damage to just about everything... funny that we need it to live) and therefore have a longer shelf life. That's why you find them in so many processed foods. I
  4. "Electron depletion," huh? What is that exactly? Never mind... I'll explain. THERE IS NO SUCH THING. You can't just suddenly not have "enough" electrons... Unless you're talking about reducing free radicals, which does decrease your chances for cancer, but then you must have meant "electron depletion leads to REDUCED chance of skin cancer" not to cancer... And using "electron depletion" to describe what is actually happening when you eat anti-oxidants (found in many fruits and vegetables) i
  5. I go to this homeopathic doctor (about an hour and a half east of LA) and he has this procedure that he offers there. You soak your feet in some ionic solution and it sucks the toxins out of your organs. I know it sounds crazy but he is like the smartest, most trustworthy guy I have ever met so I don't think he would be doing any funny business that wasn't legit. It's like $30 but my apt. went long and I had class so I didn't get it done. For sure will next time. I know peope that have had it do
  6. SHOWER 5 TIMES A DAY WITH PLAIN WATER -NO SOAP YOUR ACNE WILL GO AWAY. Hey Melbournebloke, I believe that will work, seriously... I am not using any cleanser, moisturizer, etc. right now... progress for sure. How is it working for you?
  7. Of course it is, it's called the placebo effect. Sorry, but gunky toxins on a foot pad is hardly a placebo effect. You surely are one of the unbelievers... you are what you believe. Believe not and have not... You decide.
  8. Most fast food places used hydrogenated oils which are THE WORSE THING YOU CAN INGEST. They deplete electrons in the body and therefore the body is less able to stabalize free radicals, thereby increasing a persons risk of cancer. In general, they are toxic toxic toxic. Also, they throw off a person's ph balance becuase they are acidic. Most people are too acidic, which results in various health problems, acne included. Canola oil and margarine are one step away from plastic. A few good oils are
  9. I think if you are going to do your "experiment" you need to leave your diet "constant" for the time being. Reason being, if you change your exercise regime and your diet and you get better or worse, you won't really know what the underlying cause is. Isolate the variables by only changing one first. First stick to your diet that you are doing now and only change exercise. Note the results. Then after 2 weeks or so, change your diet while exercising and see how that plays a role. Then you will b
  10. Not everyone gets acne from pop and such. Alot of acne is Hormonal like mine, i didnt drink coke for a year, it didnt help at all soda is bad, regardless of whether it causes acne or not. You'll be the one who's the moron when you die from diabetes. It would be much appreciated if you could refrain from insulting other members. Name calling is for mean children...
  11. Hey there, I will back you up. When I recently went to my homeopathic doctor about a week ago who has four docorates (!) I was going to have the same procedure done there that day but I ran out of time. You soak your feet in an ionic solution that sucks the toxins out of your organs. It turns different colors as different mineral build-ups and toxins are exiting the body into the water. Sorry for all you non-believers... Reality is, it's legit and works. Stay toxic all you want by never trying
  12. The 2:1:1 ratio is what I have been informed of as well.
  13. The only reason I am suggesting people buy the book is that it is really informative about the body and how foods interact with the body. He includes up to date research. It's pretty much promoting a healthy diet and what I read is consistent with what I already knew. He proposes eating high fiberous leafy veggies, eliminating starch, refined sugars, genetically altered oils, etc. It's not like I am suggesting people to try a revolutionary scheme that I have no prior information about that could
  14. All I have to say to you is that you think you are smarter than you really are. All the rebuttals you had were not accurate. You want me to "prove" things to you that I am not about to take the time to do... such as showing you that other countries do not have as much acne as we do. This is true for countries that are less industrialized and eat high fiber diets, low sugar, no hydrogenated oils, etc. PERIOD! Take it or leave it. You keep asking what it means to be "over-run with toxins" and then
  15. The problem with your first point is that food does promote acne especially if it affects hormones, which many foods do. Soy sky rockets estrogen, as does other foods. Also, cultured, pasteurized dairy and hydrolyzed oils/products increases a persons acidity, when referencing ph balance. In order to be optimally functioning, a person must have the proper ph balance but the american diet is mostly highly acidic (refined white flour, soy, milk/dairy, fruit juice). Raw veggies (not starchy) have al