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  1. Okay, so dairy DID break me out. This past weekend I've eaten more than 2 litres of it, and this tuesday I could see the negative effects going from two weeks clear to having 3 new pimbles. Oh well, I guess it was good to get that clarified, and I'll now stay away from those and try again in a couple of years.
  2. Of course Here you go http://www.matas.dk/De+Stribede/Ansigtsple...den+parfume.htm It's most likely on the shelf among all the other turquoise-striped products.
  3. Guys, I'm sorry I haven't been in touch with you for the last couple of months, because things have just been crazy down here. I need to get my life sorted out :/ In the past two months I've quit 2 jobs plus I've moved to another end of the country, resulting in me not having any internet connection for two full weeks. I would've never thought I could become addicted to anything, but apparently I'm addicted to... The net Sounds weird. Oh well, on to the more relevant topic. I've been wanting t
  4. Dude, why do you even care? It's not your problem really, and he has hundreds (thousands?) satisfied customers, who would probably be willing to pay even more for it. Plus I can assure you that the development and research is VERY expensive. And about the logo.. That kinda shows that he in fact DOESN'T do it for profit, because if he did, he wouldn't have that logo. Nono, he would have gone out and bought himself a new TV. But as you can see he doesn't do it for profit and probably used the mone
  5. I am now 100% certain that dairy products cause most of my breakouts, but I'm wondering "what forms" of dairy I would then want to avoid. I know the obvious milk, ice cream, yoghurt and such, but what about the products where it isn't as obvious, like chocolate, white bread, gravy, cakes and such, should I try and avoid those as well, or does whatever causes the acne in milk subside after it's been heated or something?
  6. Okay thanks for the reply. I'm gonna check down in the stores tomorrow and see if they have the Eucerin 5% Urea thingie somewhere. I live in Denmark, so I really don't have a big clue as to what we have here.
  7. I got it an amazingly 4 working days after I ordered it. And that was all the way to Denmark.
  8. I just need to know if it'll do the job. It's actually a body lotion. In it I can find Aqua, Isopropyl Myristate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Propylene Glycol, Triceteareth-4 Phosphate, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Urea, Parfum, Carbomer, Pheoxyethanol, Benzoic Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, Triethanolamine, Citric Acid. It has a pH of ~6.
  9. Day 30 Oke that was kinda the first month. Nothing to report right now really. I had a red spot with a tiny white top, but it has died down and is pretty much gone now. Nothing active in my face atm (afaik ). Going to a big party tomorrow and hit the town later, so I'm hoping so much that nothing will pop out in my face tomorrow morning. But with my luck I'll probably get something huge on my cheek But I'll report back to ya' tomorrow evening I'm crossing my fingers. Active pimbles: 0 "Se
  10. Yeah well I'll give it a month more, and then I'm gonna post a big recap of everything I know about this and any other acne regimens I've tried. Actually I'm gonna tell you guys all that I know about acne
  11. Hi there! You're a pretty one Don't worry too much about getting only very few replies, it took around a week for mine to get the first reply. As you pointed out yourself, you should really get the CSR BP. It works. And it really does! It seems like your skin situation is much like what mine was a month ago. (Visit my log here http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=99987). I'm going to get Dan's cleanser myself, next time I'm ordering a supply of BP. But really, good luck with th
  12. Day 25 OH MY GOD IT WORKS!! That's the subject for the day. I'm sorry I haven't been in here for quite a while, but my computer wen't down due to some hardware failure, and I really slacked on getting it up and running again because of the absolutely amazing weather we currently have in Denmark. But the good thing is that my skin is getting really nice. And by this I mean REALLY nice. I actually can't say I can remember me having this pretty skin.. Ever. And god it is SO smooth, I know this isn
  13. Day 9 Not much to report today. I had a pimple forming on my left cheek, but it disappeared VERY quickly (like 2 hours), not even leaving a mark. Okay thanks 'Anonym', I'll postpone that till after the summer then. I'm hoping to have my skin semi-clear by mid-july, so can't really stand any more breakouts. And thanks Brandy. I'm currently using half a finger. Will try 2/3rd tonight and see how it goes. Active pimbles: None!! "Semi"-active pimbles: 0 Major red marks: 2 Red marks: 2 Tiny imperfe
  14. It's just some random one containing a bit of aloe vera. AND no oils But I'm actually running low on that one as well, and I'm considering something called "Eucerin Dry Skin 5% Karbamid". It's $20 for 50ml though, so quite costy. As for the cleanser I just right now bumped into something called "ABC Facial Wash 1% tea tree oil". Anyone have any insight on that? And on the company at all. (Australian Body Care)
  15. Thank you Yeah I'm using the cleanser. I'm almost out of it though. I think I'll head to the store tomorrow for some Eucerin. I'll give it a go since I don't really have a clue on what else to use :s
  16. Thanks for the encouragement, and it seems like you were right. Everything is starting to look better now Day 8 Somewhat good news today. All the painful pimples are mostly gone now, I just have a few red large-ish bumps here and there. They don't hurt, and I actually think it's just damaged skin that needs to repair itself. My skin is probably going in the right direction now. No new pimples at all since yesterday morning, which is.. Well not really an improvement from where I originally wa
  17. Will you be so kind to report your experience with that moisturiser if and when you get it? I'm going to buy some too, but unsure as to which to get
  18. Wow you're right. That "book" really did help. I'll never pick at my skin again. "What I find helpful is taking a sympathetic tone with myself like, "You don't need to beat yourself up like this." Or "you're so special and I hate to see you tear yourself apart." That almost made me burst a tear
  19. Well I remember I read somewhere that you can't drink too much water. As long as you keep salt levels on par.
  20. Yep, same story here. I still drink >5 litres a day.
  21. I was just wondering... How do YOU guys resist the urge to squeeze a pimble, scratch/poke a whitehead or generally pick at your face? I'm having a real hard time here, and I must admit I go look at myself in the mirror at least once an hour and usually I see something that bothers me, I do something about it, only making it 10 times worse... And I hate myself every time I do it! My self control apparently ain't good enough. So how do you encourage yourself not to do it?
  22. Day 6 Just a quick update. I will now add pimble-count I'm kinda getting second thoughts about using this regimen, because to be honest my skin actually looks worse than when I started. It might just be bad luck, but I haven't had this bad skin for quite a while. I guess I'll give it a couple of weeks more, and if I don't see any improvements, I might quit. Active pimbles: 2 "Semi"-active pimbles: 6 Major red marks: 2
  23. Jo tak Hvor bestiller du egentlig Eucerin produkterne? Er der nogle steder i Danmark man kan købe dem? For jeg ville gerne prøve både deres lotion og cleanser