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  1. AM: 1. Clean and Clear cleasner 2. Helichrysum Hydrosol as toner 3. Dermalogica's Hydrating booster 4. Linda Sy's Latic Acid. Makeup : Lancome Teint Idol and illuminare Ultimate PM: 1. Lancome to remove makeup 2. Carley's clean and clear 3. Skin Bio gentle clean 4. Phytomer toner - rose visage 5. Helichrysum hydrosol with 1 drop of my own serum Serum dated 14th March: Hazelnut carrier oil + german chamomile, lavender, Rose Germanium. other stuff 1. Intense Gel - ALA, DM
  2. I recently added Dermalogica's Hydrating booster to my skincare routine. I have combo/acneprone skin.. and I have been treating it rather agressively the past yr... all kinds of "acid" products, from Sal acid to Glycolic acid, etc.. 2 weeks ago, I went to a spa, the esthetician told me that my face is not hydrated and it's causing me to break out - theory: my surface is dry, the skin cannot breathe/purge as my "base" is oily... so I get black and white heads. After 2 weeks of hydrating my
  3. AM: Wash: C&C foaming fash Tone: Helichrysum hydrosol Moisturiser: Dermalogica hydrating booster + Linday Sy's Latic Acid Makeup: illuminare foundation + B101 mmu. This combo is better, it keeps my face less oily in the day and make up stayed on longer. PM: Wash: Lancome cleansing milk & C&C foaming wash Tone: helichrysum hydrosol Moisturiser: Dermalogica hydrating booster + Phytomer Hydracontinue Occasionally, uses Deming's Intense Gel.
  4. I have been test driving illuminare for almost 2 wks.. and so far so good, no break outs! I have tested all 3 formulas. http://www.illuminare.com hth, anne
  5. AM: Wash: C&C foaming fash Tone: Helichrysum hydrosol Moisturiser: Dermalogica hydrating booster + Phytomer Hydracontinue Makeup: illuminare foundation + B101 mmu. PM: Wash: Lancome cleansing milk & C&C foaming wash Tone: helichrysum hydrosol Moisturiser: Dermalogica hydrating booster + Phytomer Hydracontinue Just added Dermalogica for 1 week+ it's making my face oilier in the day may skip it and just use it in the night. Staying away from acids, retinol to let my sk
  6. ok, my skin went crazy recently - i am sure it's the stress and everything else
  7. My skin is clearing up. Those red marks on my chin are fading and overall skin looks much better... seems to be under control. I had requested some exfol serum from Skin Bio and they shipped me 2 Gold Exfol serum, 2 Copper Exfol serum and one super CP serum. They are so generous and these are the full sized version too... so will be rotating them into my current skincare. ohh I got the deming pure intense gel - I love this. It made my skin looks so hydrated. Fast shipping too It seems I
  8. ok the zit on my forehead did not get bigger.. it's there but not red and angry it's just beneath the skin and looks normal *phew* I bet that's the CMI Peel Therapy working I *need* to locate new source for this... it's not available in Singapore wahhhhhh.... My order of Full size items from Linda Sy came today with more samples of the other stuff : vita-oil, cleansing lotion and acne cover lotion.
  9. Ok, usually I do not get zits except during that time of the mth... I have tons of blackheads and whiteheads... but now I got one on my forehead Dunno where that came from... I am a picker... maybe it's that.. my eating habits are BAD - chips and crackers the last few days... maybe it's caused by that [-( dabbed some CMI Peel Therapy Enzyme stuff on it.. and pray it go away.
  10. Hi, I had used Loreal Foundation in the past and switched to mineral makeup. I have been wearing Mineral Makeup for 2 yrs now and at times I "test out" the non-mineral makeup, it feels different on my skin... like a mask on my face. Coverage, different brands has different coverage, some light and some has medium. I have not tried Sheer Cover or JI's stuff, so I can't tell you how the coverage is and it's staying power, since each of us has different skin. Here are some brands that I lik
  11. Hi Tracy, Just wanted to tell you that I had caved and asked Deming for samples of the intense gel ! Since I am overseas I had offered to pay for the samples and the shipping... In the end, I got the samples for free and paid $1.55 for shipping costs to Asia! Woo Hoo I can't wait to get it! Thanks! /
  12. update: Nov 8th 2003: I was testing out using green cream around my eyes daily and yesterday it stunk this morning there are some "brown" marks... something reacted with something so I got scabs! so now back to once a day at night... As for face nightly seems to be working out well, so maybe I should just stick to once a night for my whole face ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am supposed to do a peel tomorrow... maybe I should target
  13. I was living in Vancouver WA just across 205 did most of my shopping on the other side missing the greens
  14. Hi all, Am new here Wondering if there are any fellow Singaporeans or Oregonians here I had hard time getting the products that works for me locally, so I had to order on-line, am wondering if you folks are the same. Till later... /
  15. Sal acid 2% works well for me... I had tried SkinBio's Exfol serum and Linda Sy's Acne Control Gel... both are sal acid 2% - there are also OTC products that has 2% sal acid ie Neutrogena. HTH