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  1. I'm going to reply to this--even though it was started such a long while ago--because I too have had success with healing acne when I've taken better care of my digestive system. I also have hormonal acne but it tends to be much less severe (almost nonexistent) when my digestive system is in order. I've not yet figured out why that is. I was exercising regularly last summer and for the entire time I was consistent, I had no acne. I eat clean mind you but at the time I was consuming dairy and g
  2. Works for me

    I've had mild to moderate acne since I was twelve years old and for the duration of this time I have been using solely Proactiv and other similar products containing strong agents such as benzyl peroxide, glycolic acid and so on. While these products did work quite well, eventually my skin began to change and I found that these products were causing quite a bit of damage. My skin is no longer as oily as it once was when I was much younger (I'm 25 now). Instead, it's combination with many areas b