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  1. i was on accutane for about 5 months in 2006, cleared up pretty much everything(cystic acne), now i get occassional breakouts. i slept with my makeup (twice in 10 days) about 3 to 4 weeks ago i know stupid anyway i used to use neutrogena face wash it was a "gentle" scrub but they stopped making it. i tried garnier nutrisionisste (spelling) and it doesnt work well. i wanted to know what the best face wash u have tried is i want it to remove makeup and cleanse without being too irritating or ma
  2. ok so i wasn't really sure where to put this but i decided here would be an ok spot...anyway i'll give u a brief overview of my acne story...i've had acne since like freshman year of high school and then during my second semester of college i went on accutane...greatest stuff ever with pretty bad sideeffects it helped me sooooo much, now i dont get huge cysts or narly pimples...every once in a while i'll get a bad one...but no worries. so back to the point i wanted to know since accutane got rid
  3. Thanx everybody. so im gonna say no to proactive and maybe buy a small tube of something with 2% BP or salicylic acid to help the few pimples i do get. dear tokra, the pimples i got were about the size of an apple seed kinda, i could tell that one of them acutally wasn't just from one pore it was taking up 3 pores
  4. ok so i had a 5 or 6 month accutane treatment course last year that ended in sept. 06 and my face had been doing great, no pimples only scars...that is up until last month when i got a huge pimple and even before that one was done healing i got another big one, and then another one just like it, they all took about 2 to 3 weeks to heal and left scars so now im thinking about trying proactive to clear up the two pimples i have left and also help with some of the scars. what do u guys and girls
  5. lemon juice is used as a cleanser, but u can't be wearing makeup cuz it won't get rid of that. just put some on your face, let it dry a bit, then wash it off. my friend used it for her pimples and it helped, but i don't know if it helps with scars
  6. i ended my accutane course last year in september, yay no more pimples, except for two on my face. anyway i had a lot of marks on my back and they are gone now, just by themselves, but the marks on my face are still there, and don't seem to be getting better. is there a reason why the face takes longer to clear up/heal?
  7. so i just bought tea tree oil face wash and also tea tree oil blemish fade lotion which is suppose to make ur red marks less visible. just wondering if anyone has tried any TTO products before and what their results were. Thanx
  8. i know what you mean i have alot of scars left over from acne, really red marks on my face that look horrible unless i wear makeup. well my sis has clear skin, a nice creamy complexion, and she always tells me that i still look good or tells me that the marks are going away to make me feel better. but it sux having to wear makeup all the time, sometimes i wish i could just go outside without it on and be natural but that would be embarrasing
  9. can u explain the difference between papules, and pustules please. cuz i used to get a few cysts u know the really big ones well now they are gone with accutane so yay, but i still don't know what papules or pustules are, i know stupid question.
  10. hey im 19 i began takin accutane during april of this year and finished during september. it's been about 4.5 weeks since my last "pill" and my skin looks so much better i have no more "big" pimples but unfortunately like one week after finishing i did get a few small barely noticeable ones around my jaw. my sister tells me she can't see them so its not too bad
  11. That's the one I'm currently trying. It lasted for the short time I had it on (5 hours). The real test is a whole day. I'm starting to wear my contacts again which are the hard kind so I'm avoiding eye makeup for awhile. I'm hoping I can really try it out next week when I'm more used to the contacts. really after 5 hours its not there anymore? when i wear it usually it lasts at from about 8am to 9pm, its been really good for me. and i wear contacts too, the acuvue advanced with hydraclear
  12. u should try maybelline's lash stylist. i love it!!! makes ur eyes look real nice and its easy to wash off too
  13. hey everyone i was just wondering if any of u have ALOT of red scars on ur face from acne, the accutane i'm takin finally made all the pimples go away but i still have alot of red scars mostly on my cheeks none on my forehead. anyway i wanted to know what make up was best for covering them up, usually i only wear foundation that i buy at Macy's called Shisheido (or something like that), i've never tried using concealer i hear that it could make u look fake. please help me find a good look someth
  14. thanks you guys, well girls u know what i mean, i think i will try EM, you make it sound like its worth it thanx so much
  15. hey i just wanted to know if the bare minerals makeup was really better than the everyday mineral makeup or if they are the same thing and just a different brand name? i think i remember hearing that for mineral makeup the best one to choose would be bare minerals but im not sure, please help explain the difference if there is one. Thanx