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  1. I use Neutrogena's lip moisturizer- no fragrance, no colour, it is amazing. When I can't find my Neutrogena, I go for Aveeno. The one that contains jojoba oil. I also use GAP's lip moisturizer, works similarly to Neutrogena's and Aveenos, but has a specific scent/flavour. Top 3 chapsticks. Then, sometimes BonneBelle. I like Tropical Punch. Freakin' awesome.
  2. Let me say...I did NOT turn red. My face did NOT get flakey. Moisturizer didn't really sting my face, and that tight feeling after washing, well that is relieved from the moisturizing.
  3. RAT

    Medium beige is a bit too yellow I think. I use light. I used to use Tazorac, but now I don't have active acne, so I don't use it anymore. I used to get flakey, and I would use tweezers to peel the really noticable flakes off. Apply a little bit of moisturizer to the area, not on all over, because I have oily skin, I don't need daily moisturizer.
  4. I use EM makeup without moisturizer, because my dermatologist said that I do not need it. If you have extra dry, flakey skin, I would use a good lotion so the makeup does not look caked up in the dry areas.
  5. LM's makeup doesn't look bad at all. The samples seem to last me a while, I've had them for, maybe a month and a half? It took me a while to test which colours look best on me, and I think Light suits me well. I'm planning on purchasing the starter kit or maybe custom when I run out of the samples. I'm pretty sure this makeup goes well with my skin, I have not had breakouts from it, and I've been wearing it almost everyday. My last visit to the dermatologist, which was about 2 weeks ago,
  6. I, too, think the intensive colours are a bit darker then the matte colours, even if they are both...medium, for example.
  7. Last night I went to IHOP(late night hunger) with my boy and I was in a rush (IHOP closes at 12) so I did not wear makeup. He said I looked great without it. I knew I had some marks, but very few so it was fine. I just put on some chapstick(glossy finish ) and didn't even brush my damp hair(after shower). Going out without make up didn't kill me. I actually felt good because all I did was shower, threw on clothes and left the house. Good times.
  8. LM, I think your natural lip colour is fine. I suppose the colour of the foundation is fine, too, but it might be the lighting/flash of the camera. Doesn't look bad at all. Usually I would just wear LILY(Victoria Secret lip colour/gloss) it is a colour similar to my skin, maybe a little darker. It's a nude-ish colour, I like having my lips almost skin colour. I'd rather have lots of colours on my eyes then wear a red/vivid lip colour. Dressing both eyes and lips at the same time is just too much
  9. Hm, I wouldn't use a paintbrush for makeup on my face. Why? Because I already have many different kinds of makeup brushes of various brands. Haha I wouldn't recommend you, LM, to go out and find paintbrushes if you aren't familiar with regular brushes for painting. Why? Because it's a waste of money and you'd be better off trying to perfect application with the brushes you own now then trying to spend on other tools. I love painting with oil. Maybe I could somehow take a sponge and absorb the
  10. I apologize if my comment of makeup made anyone feel insecure . And Rockster dude, good luck.
  11. It doesn't look shimmery or metallic on me. Why don't you just NOT use makeup and let your acne heal without anything covering them up? My body gaurd and I were talking to a bartender Friday night, and she was under a source of light. You could tell she was hiding her acne under that cement glue makeup of hers, I noticed uneven skin and bumps. Even with pounds of makeup, if you have active acne, I do not think you should be using anything to cover them up.
  12. Yeah dude, it looked pretty natural. I think any kind of foundation/powder brush is fine, you just have to work on application if you are new to using brushes instead of sponges. I paint a lot, I guess that is why I didn't have a problem with putting the loose powder on the first time, even without moisturizer. I am used to using brushes.
  13. I wore EM foundation in matte formula to an outdoors concert 3 weeks ago, I was very sweaty and it was hot. I felt like my makeup was looking nasty as can be, but when I went to the washrooms to "blot" my face didn't look as bad as I thought it would be. Last Friday night, I wore my intensive foundation formula to an indoors concert, it was really hot and humid, lots of people being packed made me sweat and when I went to "blot" in the washroom, I looked fine after removing the sweat. E
  14. Deodorant is deodorant. Axe de-odorizes my under arm odor. It works well, the scents are great, and it does not leave sticky shit in my pits or turn my clothes into different colours.
  15. The best deodorant I have used so far:: Axe- Spray on deodorant. I'm a girl. My armpits do not act up, only when my arms feel flimsy and I end up with little coverage(A bit difficult to spray on, because my wrists are dainty). Secret- Has nice scents and does not allow my arm pits to act up. Only thing I did not like, the sticky feel of deodorant under my arms. Oh, and it discolours my clothes.
  16. RAT

    S pics 356.jpg

    Do you drink a lot of coffee? I do.
  17. If you are using liquid foundation yes, it will clog your proes and just mask the problem. If your using mineral foundation then NO, this will actually heal the acne and help in reducing the appearance of the red marks.
  18. My skin was fine until I started using MAC studio fix. I started using it because my skin looked uneven. It may seem awesome because of the coverage, but clogs pores! Skin without makeup is best for trying to clear up. Having bumps and trying to conceal them with gunk is a no-no. The powder/foundation just cakes around the raised skin, and for healing skin, it'll just look flakey as bits of Lay's potato chips. Coloured, I tell ya. Flakes of potato chips coloured by makeup!