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  1. I find that EM's finishing dust works perfectly fine. A lot of people don't like it for some reason.
  2. EM- Light & Light Butter Biscuits Warm Country Crock Butter. Joppa- Mixed Medium #2 & I forgot the other colour. I like Joppa's foundation, I just wish they had a colour to match my skin! Signature- #11 mixed with ? Are there any other MMU brands with foundations that contain kaolin clay? Besides Joppa?
  3. Haha. I usually use an empty jar of Neutrogena's loose powder. First, I shake some darker colour, then lighter. I shake the container/jar back and forth until the colour looks even. I do this on a daily basis. BUT, I just received samples from Signature Minerals, and the colour seems to match very well. I'll see how well this brand "lasts" from morning until I get off work. Also, I need to make sure this brand doesn't fuck my skin up. Because I hate having to buy more than one shade for mixing.
  4. Yeah, I sampled Joppa's Peace. It's pretty. But it costs like 10.50 :[ without shipping!
  5. MAC Studio Fix totally clogged my pores. But the finish IS awesome. I have oily skin, I like everyday minerals. SOme say it doesnt "last" as long as the other mineral makeup brand. I know Joppa minerals contain Kaolin clay, and I sometimes mix EM and joppa foundations to get the right shade and coverage. The times that I blot my face a day has been reducing.
  6. I washed my EM brush(the one with the white bristles/fur) and it seems totally not like how it used to be. Has anyone noticed this? Same thing happened to my Estee Lauder brushes. Sad.
  7. How does applying oil make you LESS oily? That does not make any sense.
  8. 1. EM Spring concealor, add some moisturizer to dry areas. 2. EM foundation or Joppa. 3. Joppa blush. 4. Finishing dust/silk, which ever is closer to my reach. 5. Eyeshadow(Various brands), Curl my lashes, Liner(various), and Estee Lauder something-something mascara. 6. Finishing dust/silk to keep bottom lash mudslide/smearing of liner. 7. Lip moisturizer, I recommend neutrogena's lip moisturizer or Aveeno (the one with jojoba oil). 8. Usually when I do not use the above mentioned lip stuff(wh
  9. Mac Studio Fix. Never had horrible acne until I used that product. It's over a year, and my skin is so much better. I'm kind of glad I had to go to the dermatologist, because I'm taking care of my skin a lot better, and not spending $ on moisturizers when I really do not need it. Or, bad makeup.
  10. RAT


    Rimmel- Forgot what its called, but I have a pencil that is a turquiose colour, and I also have sable, which is one of those twist up pencils, very soft, creamy. Lancome- Black coffee? Costs about $22, but lasts a while, very smooth application smudges. Estee Lauder- Artists pencil, in black. I do not like this so much, not soft, but it is the only eyeliner in black without glitter/shimmer that I use right now. These are the three main eyeliners that I'm using and lately I have not noticed MUCH
  11. RAT


    I mostly use eyeliner pencil, and to keep it from smudging, I brush finishing powder either Joppa or EM over it. It works well for me.
  12. Joppa's finishing silk IS a must. I wear both EM and Joppa, and with Joppa, I never use concealor, and that is with soft coverage. I need to make a purchase of blush from Joppa, I hope I don't get any delays for my order. D:
  13. As I was blowdrying my hair this morning, I was looking around my makeup table and I noticed that my old liquid foundations had a yellowish layer on top of the makeup. SInce using new makeup products, I have not touched my old foundations, and I guess the stuff settled and it resembled old fashioned peanut butter. You know, the kind with the oil on top. I do not understand why the makeups are labeled as "oil-free" when i can see what could be oil floating and layering the settled makeup! Maybe i
  14. Yeah dude, me too. The colours weren't the same. Kind of pissed me off, but I didn't care too much. Like when I bought 4 whoppers at BK and they only gave me 3. COuld have easily drove back and complained, but I was way too lazy.
  15. Uh. You'd have to try the makeup to see if you personally like it. Lesser ingredients doesn't always mean "better". I'm curious to where the name Joppa comes from. It sounds so got dang silly. EDM sounds silly, too. I'm glad that lettering came off my brush. Keeps me from cracking up every time I read it.
  16. I have a tweezer that my mom gave me when I was 16. It's awesome, it's MEHAZ and it's German. I don't know where they sell them here in the U.S. I'm now 20 and if I lost my precious tweezer, I'd go nuts. Maybe look online for this brand. The kind I have is compact, has a lid and I believe it was made in the 80s, or early 90's. My MEHAZ tweezer rules. It can pull out heads of dried sebum. On my nose, whatever those are called. I like extracting shit out of my skin with it. It took out a nasty spl
  17. I'd use the darker shades as blush and the lighter colours as eyeshadow base. Or take the powder and dump it on the carpet to see how well my vaccuum cleaner is working.
  18. PISH. Not even a week and the damn lettering on the "premium kabuki" brush rubbed off of the handle. I noticed this 3 or 4 days after I started using the brush. I still adore the brush, so whatever. UH- I received a sample kit from Joppa Minerals 3 weeks after I canceled my order from them. So, I tried their foundations and they give heavy coverage. I didn't use concealor with their powder today, and it gave a very covered look. I liked it. Maybe if I switched to Joppa I wouldn't have to spend
  19. Uh, I ordered the sample kit, then canceled it 2 minutes after. I did this probably 3-4 weeks ago and ordered EM instead. Last night, I came home from work and there was a package on the table for me...It was from Quincy, MI??? It was just adressed to my first name. Strange. I opened it up, and it was the canceled order along with "Peace" blush in plastic packaging?!?! I was confused to why they sent it, I have not checked if I was charged for the canceled order or not. Anyways. If I was charged
  20. I used to apply honey, pure honey to my face for a few hours in the morning during the weekend while I cleane d up my house several years ago(when I was in highschool). My skin was not horrible. My skin isn't too horrible now, but the honey really brightened up my complexion. Also, my skin was super soft after I washed. I do not do this honey treatment anymore, because the pure honey that I have used before has fermented into alcohol, and I am not putting that on my face. I got this honey from m
  21. When I received my EM premium kabuki in the mail, I was dissapointed because it seemed so cheap. I tried the brush the next morning and it applies powder beautifully. Its sooo soft. It feels like my pet rat. Could have saved myself $14 if I could use my rat as a makeup brush and rub her all over my face in the morning. AHaha.
  22. Haha! I use Light Winged Butter alone. Sometimes mix some light in there. I have some type of anemia, and the comment about rushing someone who might have jaundice to the hospital wasn't very nice. I'm so happy. I'm having my last "checkup" with my dermatologist in December. He says my skin is a 9/10. Heh heh.