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  1. Try the Orly brand. You will most likely find this brand at a beauty supply store (Salley's). I usually put an under & top coat if I'm not using this brand of nail polish, and it lasts at least 5 days. But, with the Orly, I don't use an under or top coat, and their polish lasts at least 5 days for me as well. Very long lasting without chipping.
  2. Hey RAT, ya I ordered from EM and Joppa lately and got my Joppa in the same time as my EM. No problems whatsoever. I went on a long hike today with some friends (it was really hot out today) I wore my full coverage Joppa foundation. When we got back and I looked in the mirror I smiled sooooo big my makeup still looked great. I love not having to worry about stuff like that, I felt so freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. WTF?! What a coincidence. I absolutley love my colorstay, but today I was going to a park to climb a mountain, and I wore what little was left of my Joppa samples. It's just awesome. I'm debating whether or not I should try and order some more of samples from the Joppa website, did anyone have any luck with them lately? AND, like what Foomph said, "choices". These are my two favorite foundations
  4. I actually enjoy extracting these things off of my nose. I take a clean bobby hair pin, and I take the end of the pin, where there is a loop, and I press down against the plug that I'm trying to remove. They always pop right up. This is good for the sides on the nose. I've done this for years. It works pretty well for me
  5. Yeah, Tash, good idea. You should TOTALLY ask EM to add it.
  6. I wear makeup because I'm in love with it, its fun to put on. I look forward to waking up in the mornings just to put it on Esp if I get something new the day before.... Men & makeup is not a bad thing. If it makes you feel more confident, just do it. I had a huge zit above my left eyebrow today, and before I went for a run, I washed my MU off, so whoever I came across while running, saw my massive zit.. It really didn't bother me. Everyone gets pimples.
  7. I just got a zit above my left eyebrow... I saw my boyfriend today and squeezed the hell out of it. I have not had a zit like that in months. It had a head, but it was really deep. I forced it out while I was in the shower with hot water... The night before I Tazoracked it, and in the morning, I benzoyl peroxided it. It is now dead :I
  8. Thanks for recommending Revlon colorstay. Maybe a month or two ago? It's awesome. Totally HG material.

  9. Try these... Beautiful Iris MOTH BROWN!! If you can still find it...it is limited edition released with Barbie Creme de Violet Hepcat Cranberry Expensive Pink All of those are great for brown eyes.
  10. Totally went into MAC again today, and got two more eyeshadows. Amber Lights? and Gorgeous gold. Thinking about returning one of them for a lilacy-violet color..maybe it will bring out brown eyes? So, Miss Rush25, what do you suggest I purchase e/s wise? NC35. Brown eyes. I think the gorgeous gold will look too sickly on me...
  11. Elementary school: I remember my mom telling me I should not be painting my finger nails, so when I was in school, I would "color" my nails with markers...because it was not "painting". Middle school: Did not know wtf blush was, my mom had a stash of estee lauder/lancome stuff that she barely uses, so one day I took one of the blushes to school and put it all over my forehead and on the bridge of my nose...because it was powder...I did this for probably 3 weeks until I got obsessed over "shapin
  12. I went into MAC today and got 2 shadows and a lip gloss. Gloss- Revealing? Shadows- Shroom & Expensive? Pink. I'm too afraid to try their "11" lines of foundation. I tried one, and it ruined me. BAD for my skin!
  13. I use colourstay in active light. I don't thikn its very non-resistant.... PF the talc free pressed powder keeps oil down for a good bit. You should totally try it. The PF powder isn't too impressive by itself, but its better with colorstay. PLUS, you can transport it when you need touchups, which isnt really a problem for me. I just needed the mirror.
  14. Yeah, I've used Rimmel's eyeliners before, they are really neat. I've got one in sable and one in jungle green? I was browsing the Rimmel shadows todayy, they've got these new stick/crayon liners. Really pretty iridescent color in lilac and pink, and blue...metallicy sort of, too. I was real tempted.
  15. Mmm hm. A day or two after coming down off of it...I had the WORST BREAKOUT of my life. But, it could have been the makeup(MAC) that I was using at the time, me not washing my face with that crap on(for when I was on it and you know how depressed and sad you get when you come down, and me not washing didn't matter), and that clogging my pores. But then, I used that product for 2-3 months before having that really bad breakout. I'm pretty clear, now. I just have some red marks to deal with from
  16. I'd really recommend Aveeno's Lip Moisturizer. They have two kinds, one for severely chapped lips(blue) and a normal one, that is in a green packaging. I use the one in the green packaging, it moisturizes VERY well, for hours if you aren't eating..., and it leaves a glossy effect on the lips. The feeling on the lips, isn't sticky or waxy like cheap chapstick after application. I absolutley love it, HG lip moisturizer. I used to use Neutrogena's lip moisturizer, I would still purchase it if I
  17. I was wanting a powder that I can carry in my purse/bag to school to touch up on shine. I went to Walmart before school, spent more than 30 minutes trying to decide whether or not I should get the Physician's Formula pressed powder(the talc free kind) or go for a cheaper CG one. I decided on the PF. So far, Revlon colorstay is an awesome foundation, but I still get oily..and have to blot like 3 times a day... The PF pressed powder didn't work too well, today. At least I have a new mirror, now?
  18. I remember using the liquid and the creme to powder foundation. These are the foundations that I have used for almost 3 years. Never caused me to break out, the Creme to powder one was very convenient to carry. The compact is a rectangle?Square? I thought it looked a lot better than circle compacts(CG,etc). I honestly don't know why I stopped using this foundation. Maybe because of my MMU phase. Oh, and Neutrogena's loose powder was good, too.
  19. I use EM's finishing dust over my current liquid. Its very light and looks oh so 'tight'. My jar is almost finished, I don't know if I should order some more finishing dust( I like it) or settle for some pressed powder at the drug store, so I can keep the compact in my purse for touchups. So much easier than carrying a jar around with a brush. My jar always have a lot of powder that went through the sifter and...ehn..just a hassle to have to carry around.
  20. Yeah, I really thought Joppa would really stick around with me. I'm back to liquid. I might just be off of makeup completely, too. But it looks so much better than my bare skin :'[
  21. To be honest, I don't think mineral concealors are any good, at all, for concealing anything
  22. Just because makeup is liquid or has "a lot of ingredients" does not mean that it is bad for you.
  23. I agree, the colorstay does work well.