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  1. Clear is nice, just as long as your fingernails are neatly trimmed and clean. Yes, your fingernails will look like glass. It's awesome. Better than bare fingernails. I reccomend Sally Hansen's 'Hard As Nails' clear polish. You can find this in drugstores, or at Beauty supply shops. If you want color, I'd go for black.
  2. A friend of mine used Revlon Skinlights and it looks very natural, I think. Is it discontinued or something? I would like to try it......
  3. You look gorgeous. I would probably find some really nice hair pins for my wedding day if I had hair like yours. I agree with Roxy...Add some shimmer! Victoria's Secret has some scented body shimmer powder that is awesome BUT, there are some lotions that provide the subtle glow. Maybe Dove's lotions?
  4. My derm told me not to use moisturizer last time I visited...maybe a year ago? Don't remember. But I still am, because my skin just feels so much better with it on. Plus, makeup goes on smoother compared to no moisturizer. I use Complex 15. Sometimes this Aveeno stuff beacuse it smells good(might be breaking me out).
  5. RAT


    WHen I do use it....rarely now.. I just Pond's Cold Cream to wipe it away, then I get in the shower and wash my face with a DOve beauty bar. Afterwards I use astringent. Oh, and I have the kind in the glass bottle for oil/combo skin and the kind in active light. I prefer the active light version.
  6. Hmm......I checked out their site... Why is everything so girly? It makes me want to purchase their brushes just because the handles are pink
  7. Joppa's makeup is actually very nice. Not sure if I would want to order anymore from them, though...It took forever for my first order, I forgot I even ordered samples.(got a month later). AUbrey Nicole's stuff is what I'm using currently. I use it in soft coverage. There is an option where you can try 4 foundation samples, that is what I did and found my match. They always have sales, and you can get another 10% off I believe when you enter 'acne.org'. ANd if you want to try a very nice blush
  8. Hmmm sounds interesting. Everytime I walk into GNC I'm tempted to purchase jojoba oil. But I never wanted to buy it just to put it on my face... I'll most definately try it on my hair!
  9. Dragonforce- Revolution Deathsquad. The coolest thing I've ever heard in my life. The solos are soo...orgasmic.
  10. The Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse blushes are awesome. I've got like 4 of them. Very blendable.
  11. Everyday Minerals is an okay mineral foundation compared to others I have tried. I like Aubrey Nicole's stuff because I found a better match in color, plus it stays on better and longer. AUbrey Nicole offers samples, but you have to pay for them.
  12. That neutrogena was the only makeup I kept buying. It's been a while since I've used it(mostly in highschool). I found a good color match, and the foundation wasn't horrible. It was just okay.
  13. I use a La Mer foundation brush. It's awesome. It's good for covering undereye area.
  14. I use Olay's eye cream. 7 signs of aging, or something? It kind of has some shimmer to it, but barely noticeable.
  15. You can give it a try since you have a coupon, maybe it will work well for you. I wouldn't buy it because it looks like it's going to be messy to work with. A freind of mine had this, and the makeup itself worked okay for her, but the little shift brush container thing I hear, isn't good. I don't think you can take it apart to wash the brush.
  16. SHAVER?! I would go with waxing or tweezing.
  17. Everyday minerals brand has a formulation that is supposed to be for oily/combo skin that is in matte. Be sure to try their finishing dust, it's the coolest. Other brands containing kaolin clay is good too, the clay is a nice oil absorber. Try Aubrey Nicole's line, or Joppa Minerals. Good luck.
  18. If you used CG's clean makeup and loved it, why not stick with that? If it didn't break you out or anything...
  19. Yes, I've used Samy shampoo and conditioner. The kind in the red bottle that is long, right? The smell is very vyer very nice. I found nothing wrong with the shampoo, you should totally use it. I'd buy it again! I'm one of those people who needs like...4 diff shampoos in the washroom. Next time I'm at the store, I'll pick up a bottle. I like having choices and I love diff fragrances for my hair everyday.
  20. You know, when I'm in the beauty dept at Walmart, they sometimes have the buy one get one free deal going on. AND, I know Walgreens does this too, but with Walgreens, you can pick whatever free item you want, it has to be either foundation/concealor/ or blush? The most I've ever paid for colorstay was around $14. And I got TWO foundations. I like the active light one more than the one in the glass bottle, though.
  21. When I'm wearing Revlon colorstay- I use Pond's cold cream at the sink, I wipe off with tissue. Then if I have eyemakeup, I use Estee Lauder's eye makeup removal with a cotton ball. Then, I get in the shower and I wash with either Dove bar soap or St. Ives apricot scrub(exfoliation). When I'm wearing just MMU- no need for cold cream. Just shower and wash with soap.
  22. There is a crazy lady that works at my local Walmart. I'm guessing she's in her late 40's early 50's....She is very scary looking. She has bleached white hair, looks like she put a whole bottle of foundation on her face, and wears a pound of black eyeliner. She lines her lips in a very dark lipliner, then I'm guessing she glossed her lips with a light colour? She usually looks like this everytime I visit, she is there almost everytime I walk in that store. She's in the cosmetics section....2 w
  23. how much does a bottle cost? I might check that brand out, thanks!