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  1. Moisturizing with jojoba oil helps me with blotting less throughout the day. I like EM more because of it. Oily folks should try it. I can't wait for my Raw sugar? blush to come in. I really want to try it!
  2. ..Yeah, I've strayed from EM...Tried it again for two weeks and liked it a lot. I just need to find THE PERFECT color. I ordered another sample kit last night. It's a lot less lighter feeling than my liquid. Doesn't it suck when after buying a full size of a product, you realize the shade isn't really perfect and it's off? I loved the wear of AN, but I couldn't find a perfect match. Took me like, a month to realize that.
  3. I have the PF shimmer strips in vegas strip? It's awesome. Good highlighter and eyeshadow. Doesn't really work as a bronzer for me, though.
  4. Funny. I just used this soap tonight because I left my Neutrogena Deep Clean cleanser in my other bathroom. Anyways, some of it got into my right eye and it stung so badly. It still stings and it has been more than 30 minutes. It's a great cleanser. Just don't get it into your eyes.
  5. I WISH that was my rattie. Whenever I give them a 'bath' under the sink, they squeak like crazy and raisins shower everywhere My cousin found that picture for me. It's so cute. By the way, what brand of jojoba oil are you using?
  6. I, too, liked Joppa better than EM. The staying power is far superior. Too bad I couldn't find a good color match, but I see they have new products (morning dew foundation? new foundation colors!) on their website.
  7. I am currently using their select spf 15? 25? foundation. It's not so heavy as their other formulas, and I like it more than colorstay because the color matches me better. I've been using it for 3 weeks, and I like it so far, I top it off with mineral finishing powders that I have. You should give this foundation a try.
  8. I've used this...it just cools the eye area. If you apply too much, you'll see gross flakes of the product. You know, gel flakes...
  9. I've tried EM's color correcter in lavander. It did not do much for me. I'd go for a cream. But, you might have luck with mint...Good thing I only bought the mini size. It was $6...
  10. I don't think I ever have a problem with blushes breaking me out. I'm in search of really pretty blush that will look nice on me....But, I have tried several brands, and I really like the texture of Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse. It's really soft and blendable.
  11. The only thing I own by La Mer is their foundation brush, and their $45 lip balm. <~not even that great... But, my mumsy has tried their foundations, and it broke her out.
  12. PF mineral stuff broke me out.... BUT, their regular liquid foundations did not. My favorite was retro glow. They don't make it anymore
  13. I LOVE leopard print. I have so much of it. One of my favorites....a fuzzy velvety green tank top. It rules to the max.
  14. Foundation over eyecream. Then Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse shadow in Ivory Illusion? It's a creamish color with a little sparkle-shimmer. Very pretty. Then eyeshadow/liner over that.
  15. RAT

    Yes, mam! My displayed rat is quite a beauty. She is my favorite. She's a russian blue, too. I'm really wanting to get my fingers on some rexy ratties. Those are soooooo soft. I took care of a rex once, and OMG exquisitley soft fur. Do you have any ratties of your own?

  16. I was pretty down-dressed yesterday so maybe they thought I knew nothing of looking nice so they tried to get me good by trying to make me feel bad. I had a dream about blush last night
  17. I discovered an Ulta store a few weeks ago,about 15 minutes from my house, and I finally went in earlier today to check it out. NOT EVEN A MINUTE after entering, one of the ladies in the salon comes up to me and tells me I needed to get my eyebrows threaded. I thought my brows were fine. THEN while I was browsing, another lady comes up and tells me I NEED highlights in my hair.........I was pretty annoyed. I told her I liked my hair natural with no dye. Later, the woman that told me about eyebro
  18. Finishing powder FINISHES the look. It's awesome. I like the finishing dust.
  19. I'd set it with a light translucent powder. Heavy powder on top of Colorstay just seems like way to much for me, even with Colorstay active light. AN's finishing powder is good over it, that is what I use. But that first link you posted looks like they have one in translucent and you can pick it up in stores without ordering online. Good luck!
  20. Clear nail polish will give you a shiny look on your nails. Like glass.