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  1. The best lipstick formula Ive used is from Bare Escentuals. Very creamy and not waxy. Doesnt feel like lipstick. Or smell like one. Doesnt dry out the lips either. The maybelline line has many shades of nude, inexpensive and are easy to find.

  2. I'm a fan of Makeup Forever's Duo Mat powder foundation. I believe it is oil-free. Good buildable coverage, stays matte, and doesn't oxidize. Easy and quick application and it is perfect over primer and concealor. I use MAC studio finish concealor(spots/discoloration) as well as Maybelline mineral power liquid concealor(under eyes). I am pleased with this combination, and prefer it over liquid foundation. Excellent coverage for me.

    Products that I have tried for over a month:

    I have used MAC studio fix powder foundation in the past but disliked it, gave me horrible cystic acne and turned orange very fast. Cakey. $25

    I also used Everyday Minerals on and off for 3 years. I liked the matte formula, but it gets shiny in a few hours after I apply it. I have combination skin. I liked the spf from titanium dioxide, though. $12

    Bare Escentuals original i.d. formula and bare minerals matte are powders I would never touch again. No coverage, staying power, and both finishes were SHINY. The colors are aweful, always had a weird greyish look. PASS! i.d. was $25 and matte was $28

    MAC mineralize skinfinish natural pressed powder. Nice matte finish, good over liquid foundation, offered some coverage. I don't use this often, it doesn't come witha mirror in the compact, so no use in carrying it in my purse. Good for brushing over concealor and doing errands. Very few color choices. $26

    Physician's Formula talc free powder foundation, the pressed version. Good matte medium coverage. Few colors available, and hideous compact. Might have clogged some pores. Powder comes in a mosaic of dark and light powder, so color is inconsistent... I got this for around $12.

    Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse pressed powder. Good talc powder for finishing off a good liquid foundation. Stays very matte. $6ish.

    I have also tried many liquid foundations...I prefer powder ones. If I do choose to paint my face, I like Neutrogena's skin clearing, which has salicylic acid. Only liquid foundation that keeps my t-zone super duper matte. $11ish.

    These are products that I have used at least a month. My most favorite is the Makeup Forever brand. I hope I helped someone with my list of short reviews.

  3. Well my cousin works at MAC and she has to wear the stuff every single day to work, and her skin is clear, pimple from time to time but alot better than my skin. Its also the makeup i use because i get discounts on it and plus its just amazing makeup the coverage is great

    Ive been told that MAC is very heavy for someone with acne prone skin ( this lady at sephora told me this also) but i really cant tell if its my MAC makeup that is causing pimples and breakouts.

    Has anyone noticed MAC causing them to breakout?

    WHat makeup do you use now that works for you?

    Anyone like MAC and uses it also? :shifty:

    I've been wearing foundation for years(with a zit here and there), and when I started using MAC studio fix powder(2-3 months of use), I had the worst break out of my life. Clogged pores, inflamed acne, ugh I was so depressed...I had to see a dermatologist and they put me on some meds and gave me topical stuff. It may be the makeup that is causing your acne. It was in my case :doh:

  4. I tried both BE and EM. I like the look of both...but my boyfriend thinks that I look healthier with the BE on, maybe because it gives a radiant glow?

    For those who broke out from the BE, how long did you wear the product until you noticed it bothered your skin? I haven't had the itchy sensation yet, and I really want to stick with the product.

  5. Walgreens is having a buy one get one free deal going on until the 19th.

    I bought Maybelline's Dream Matte Pressed Powder yesterday, and got a free nailpolish. So far, the colour I got is a good match, and keeps me matte for a few hours.

    I sometimes use MAC's select spf 15? foundation and top it off with a Lancome powder. If you have troubles matching colours, I would suggest trying a makeup counter at a department store. All 3 brands mentioned have a wide range of makeup for yellow-toned people.

  6. You know, I really don't know what to think about mineral make-up. I have white heads all over my chin and mouth-cheek area...I hate to sound gross, but I can literally squeeze these long strands of garbage out of those pores. I really wonder if it's the mineral make-up I use.

    Maybe it IS the mineral make up that is clogging your pores. I knew someone who used the Physicians Formula brand and it caused her to get those white heads around her mouth/cheek area. Traditional powder makeup works well for her, though.

  7. You know what really grinds my gears?

    - When I'm driving to school and someone pulls out in front of me and drive extremely slow. Most of the time this is on a one lane road, so I can't make a pass. It really pisses me off. In fact, this happened yesterday and I looked at the driver in front of me, and she was eating and sipping coffee! Going under the speed limit...Get the fuck out of my way, slow-ass!

    Thank you!! I said the exact same thing in my first post. This is basically why I made this thread. This shit keeps happening to me. People cut in a front of me, then drive in slow fucking motion! What the fuck is wrong with you people? If you are in such a fucking rush that you had to cut someone off, at least keep up to speed, you moron! Jesus fucking Christ, that really grinds my gears! Sometimes, I don't even mid it if they cut me off, as long as they drive fast after they cut me off, you know? So if you cut me off, then at least drive fast, is that so much to ask for? Haha...

    Yeah, really!

  8. You know what really grinds my gears?

    - When I'm in class and people come in with smelly food during a lecture. The smell makes me naseous? and I feel like puking because I smell onions and BBQ wings. GROSS.

    - When I'm driving to school and someone pulls out in front of me and drive extremely slow. Most of the time this is on a one lane road, so I can't make a pass. It really pisses me off. In fact, this happened yesterday and I looked at the driver in front of me, and she was eating and sipping coffee! Going under the speed limit...Get the fuck out of my way, slow-ass!

    - When I'm starving and go to a fast food restaurant..when it's time for me to order my food, the people behind the counter turn away and do something else. WTF? Even the manager was there and wouldn't acknowlege I was standing there. WTF? So I left. This is the same Taco Bell that this girl who always said mean things to me in highschool works at. Remind me to give her a hard time next time I'm there.

    - Girls who think they are too cute and say "THANK YOU" like something is wrong with them. It sounds something like..."THANk-KE-YOOOO" <~This shit really grinds my fucking gears. Annoying bitches!

    - When I'm trying to sleep and inconsiderate people keep making noise. Like, coming home and slamming doors, talking on the cellphone really loud....

    - Obnoxiously loud and rude people in public.

    - When I worked as a waitress....WHen people come into restaurants and seat themselves(HELLO! The host/hostess is supposed to seat you) and then complain about why they don't have a server and it's been blah blah blah minutes and they've been waiting so long and are hungry.... It really makes me mad when they first come in the restaurant, see that there IS a wait list/line, and still walk in to seat themselves. THEN when I have to be their server, they tip poorly because they 'waited so long for service'.

    There are more things I could list, but people probably already think I have anger problems.

  9. What are some really nice, MATTE peachy-brown blushes?

    I already have so many nice shimmery blushes, and I'm wanting a matte one.

    I have Apple but it's too pink for my liking.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

    Nick Nack is pinky-brown and matte. I keep wavering on whether or not I like it. Sometimes I think it's too brown for me.

    I'll try it out with my next order. I want to try more foundation formulas before i commit to full sizes. Thanks for the suggestion.

  10. ..Yeah, I've strayed from EM...Tried it again for two weeks and liked it a lot. I just need to find THE PERFECT color. I ordered another sample kit last night. It's a lot less lighter feeling than my liquid. Doesn't it suck when after buying a full size of a product, you realize the shade isn't really perfect and it's off? I loved the wear of AN, but I couldn't find a perfect match. Took me like, a month to realize that. :cry: