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Status Updates posted by RAT

  1. RAT

    Oh MY GOD! Cutest avatar ever! EVER!

    Have you watched Ratatouille? Saw it the day it came out :D

    I have the game on XBOX360 and it's very cute. Rattie 'Tocks galore.

  2. RAT

    Hyde is a girl, lol. I named her Hyde because when I first brought her home, I was trying to put her into her new home and she was in my living room. She ran right under the couch and I had such a difficult time trying to get her out. SHe's a sister to my Russian Blue, I got them from a breeder an hour away from my house! I took that picture of her and thuoght she was the most photogenic t

  3. RAT

    OMG! Cute picture. My Hyde looks like your ratty. I'll change my avatar to Hyde. :D

  4. RAT

    Yes, mam! My displayed rat is quite a beauty. She is my favorite. She's a russian blue, too. I'm really wanting to get my fingers on some rexy ratties. Those are soooooo soft. I took care of a rex once, and OMG exquisitley soft fur. Do you have any ratties of your own?

  5. Thanks for recommending Revlon colorstay. Maybe a month or two ago? It's awesome. Totally HG material.