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  1. Just wanted to let people know that it can get better, I never thought it would.
  2. I have used tanning as well. I too have fair skin and really do not want to burn. I used very little time (5-20min)and never really got a tan (which is okay). My skin improved as well as my eczema clearing up.
  3. Lancome Color ID, looks natural, blends very well, no break outs($32). If you only buy when they have free gifts it works out to be the same as buying your cover-up, mascara, lipstick/gloss, and shadow from a cheaper line. It is very sheer, but with good technique, you can get it to cover--I always use fingers, sponges breed acne.
  4. I started having severe acne when I was about 15. My whole face broke out in tiny bumps and then the cystic acne started. Nothing would help, I have very sensitive skin and every topical treatment the dermatologist gave me made things worse. They eventually figured out that I even had an allergy to benzol peroxide...it was just an endless cycle of misery for me. When I was 19, I finally got up the courage to try accutane. I knew all the side effects, but I was desperate. The side effects