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  1. Hmmm thats rather odd, but of course it would make your hormones go crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy so watch out! Girls watch out too!
  2. It really didnt ever bleach anything i wore. I think its just if u dump the whole thing on it...
  3. naaaa not worth it, my brother had some of that, no success Oh ya, proactiv was not to great either made me all red :S
  4. The hotter the dryer for me Try and use nice cold water if you overdry and dont stay in the shower too long
  5. HAHAHA thats was comedy. Trust me, water never helped me too much, although it does keep you from looking dead.
  6. Hang in there, and keep doing whatever you can to stop it
  7. im a little over 6ft, but 5 ft 5in is not crazy bad
  8. Email the site and ask if you can.
  9. Make sure you use witch hazel or something, it definetly helps!
  10. My brother actually used it, and he gave up on it pretty quick its really powerful, it made him all red. ehhhhhhhh
  11. Ya Tea Tree works really good! Oh and it smells sooooooog gooooooood!