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  1. just wanted to keep you updated. I used Nizoral cream in the morning and zinc cream in the evening. The area got extremly dry after a couple of days, so i stopped using both. Just used a gentle avene moisturiser twice a day on my face after washing and now it's completely gone.
  2. hi again Thanks alot for the long reply and explanation chamomile. It sounds rather extreme, so i'll still wait with trying this out. But if everything else fails, like you said i might give it a try. I basically had the idea that it was PoD but I wasn't quite sure about it. It seems that i have finally found what really works for my acne (mandelic acid + differin), then got 100% clear just to get "punished" with this. By now I'm making sure to not apply anything on that are around my mouth
  3. thanks for the reply. I didn't think about a fungus at all, but it might very well be. The only thing I had read about (that seemed similar) was perioral dermatitis, but I hope very much that it isn't the case. I'll try the nizoral, i got the cream at home already
  4. Hi all, For over a month i have been having a red & itchy area on one side of my mouth. I'm not sure what it is at all but this is definetly not acne. I'm clear otherwise. Does anyone have a clue? It's basically just in that line next to my mouth and it's especially red after washing my face even with just water. Thanks in advance
  5. i went to the doc with this, she gave me a cream called Skinoren and a Lotion with Salicylic Acid. I hope that helps...
  6. sorry but i have to bring this up again. Now i'm shortly before my period and my skin looks much worse: i thought i'll show you how it gets when it's really aweful... i'm still glad for any kind of imput... do the comparison with the pictures in my first post for yourself. those pictures were taken less than one week apart... this makes me sad.
  7. it gets worse during shortly before / during my period. Then i get some actually red & bigger spots on my cheeks. Thats usually the spot they appear. When i took accutane I had always about 5-10 active big & red spots on my cheeks and they started forming red marks / scars. I know it isn't that bad now but it definetly goes in circles of ups and downs and i think that's what's bugging me alot. Whenever it looks like it does on the pictures then i feel as if it's finally clearing up but
  8. Hey hey all, I'm pretty sure that my acne is hormonal. It started when I stopped taking BCP 2 years ago. One course of accutane later my skin looks like this and since i'm not happy with it at all i'm looking for a solution. Maybe some of you have a similar case of acne and have an idea how to treat this? Take a look at the attachment. there you'll see how my skin looks like. looking forward to replies. EDIT: 12 July - PLEASE also take a look at the pictures posted further down. There ar
  9. yea i did try it and it does clear me up a bit but i have extremely sensitive skin that gets extremely red / dry and even the best moisturiser didn't help with it. i couldnt even use make up cause of the dryness and going out without it was also looking horrible... as far as i know it only works for as long as you use it. is that correct?
  10. I've stopped BCP 2 years ago. Had the worst breakout of my life. I've then been treated with accutane and since i stopped taking it i'm breaking out again. It's been 2 years and i'm really far away from "normality". currently considering to go bacl to BCP again after this long struggle. best of luck to you.
  11. Hey there, well the title basically says it all. Is accutane able to get rid of hormonal acne permanently? I've done a 12 month low course accutane therapy and since i stopped i've broken out again. I'm wondering if a second course would finally get rid of my acne or if this is all a misbelieve and i should go back to BC instead. Thanks.
  12. Hey hey all, Let me give you a short insight of my acne history: I'm 25 now, i had acne when i was a teenager but BC took care of it and cleared me up completely. Now I've stopped BC 2 years ago and since then my skin got as worse as it was never before. It was so bad that my dermatologist gave me a low dose accutane therapy. 10mg a day for 12 months. It cleared me up within 2 months but after i stopped I started breaking out again. This time not as bad as before but it's still going on my nerv
  13. any other thoughts on this..? Getting kinda desperate here. My Forhead is full of little bumps
  14. i think you misunderstood me... ^^ i was on accutane for a total of 10 months. After 2 months my skin was clear. But i still took the whole course of 10 months.
  15. Hi there, I've been taking Accutane for almost 10 months. My dosage has been 10mg every day and for the last 2 months every other day. My skin got from moderate acne to no acne at all (not even a blackhead) in less than 2 months and was clear since then. Now i stopped accutane cause of sideeffects and for the first 2 months things seemed fine. But now my skin got alot more oily again and my whole forhead is full of little zits. Just those little bumps under the skin, no whiteheads tho. The por