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  1. So I have 60 20mg pills, and I can get 4 months out of them at 10mg daily (one 20mg pill every 2 days) or 20mg daily (one pill a day). Obviously I'd prefer the former, because this stuff costs so much. Doctor has said it's up to me. What would you suggest? Is 10mg (ultra-low dose) way too low? I must add that I have extremely mild acne around the mouth, but it won't go away with other medication including BPO. Oh and also, is taking 10mg (one 20mg every 2 days) worse than taking one 10mg pil
  2. Guys, would taking one 20mg pill every 2 days constitute "10mg daily"?
  3. A question for you guys, is this an expensive regimen?
  4. Really annoys me when I read people come out with the same stuff as the original poster has. Actually, I say "stuff", but I really mean to say "shit". I don't mean to come across all moody, but this type of nonsense is dangerous and factually untrue, and a load of b******s if you ask me.
  5. Well, day two! Spots are drying up already which is good! Just out of the shower Quick question... Does anyone know why my pictures aren't showing up?
  6. Well well well.... Hellllooooooo again acne.org. It's been a while since I've ventured into this sub forum. Well, guess what? I'm back, for better or for worse! I'm 22, had acne most of the time since I was 11. Been on everything under the sun, and finished roaccutane last april. Stupidly, I was trying to impress a girl and roaccutane was making my face red in the final few months so I stopped early... bad mistake. Anyway... roaccutane pretty much cleared me up, I've had a few outbreaks since
  7. So does this work or not? Seems the vast majority are claiming it's rubbish, right? Also, can i get some in Germany?
  8. Went to the Apoteke and bought myself Panoxyl W 10, which I believe is a wash emulsion and it's meant to be great, but I'm not sure how to apply it. Do I apply it to my face like a face wash i.e with water, or do I apply it do a dry face? I know I have to wash it off after 2mins, it's just the applying part I'm really unsure about! Thanks a bunch, hope someone can help me!! Ross
  9. My regimen is as follows: Morning and night, I apply half a pump of Dans Bp to my face after cleaning, and 10mins later I add moisturiser mixed with Emu Oil. I've been clear for ages now with this regmin, but when I stopped using BP about 2 months ago, all my spots came back. Now that I'm back on it, they've all gone and my skin is looking great. I've moved to Berlin now though (from Scotland) and I've just discovered that, upon making my order for more BP, there isn't any shipping to Germany
  10. I posted here a while ago, my acne was mild/moderate and every spot I had turned into a whitehead and was painful. I ended up paying money to go on accutane and don't regret it for a minute. I had been taking antibiotics for around 7yrs with no success, and was fobbed off every time I went to the doctor with "new" tablets. Hm. They had my best interests at heart I think as they were very nice, just nothing was working. So I went on accutane. Cleared me up, no spots, smooth skin. Fast forward
  11. Really? That's fantastic if true! Do you use two full pumps morning and night, though? I only ask because I read here on the site that a 8oz bottle only lasts a month http://www.danielkern.com/product-p/treatment-8.htm
  12. Sorry to bump this but how feasible would it be for acne.org to charge less for the product and more for delivery to make up for it? Is that even possible? I'm really interested in purchasing the massive 16oz bottle but it's just not feasible at all. £22 import charge on top of shipping costs and product costs make it almost as expensive as accutane which I paid for privately
  13. I've just started using the 8oz BP from Dans store and it's great. Ideally I'd order a 16oz bottle but custom charges have put me right off (i'm from the UK). How long does the 8oz bottle last? I'm not sure I can afford to buy it every month, including shipping, if it lasts only a month or less. If anyone could advise, that would be great! I'm sorry if this has been covered to death but it's really annoying finding something that might just work, and then discovering it could cost a fortune
  14. Here's how my chin currently looks. To put it bluntly, although there aren't many spots there, i had literally no red marks there until about 3 weeks ago, after roaccutane. http://i146.photobucket.com/albums/r245/Si..._5dc6c7ce52.jpg Thing is, from a distance my skin looks ok but I'm just not happy with it at all http://i146.photobucket.com/albums/r245/Si..._6ecc6655d6.jpg
  15. How strange... My last name is Simpson and, currently, i'm in exactly the same position as you. Tonne of whiteheads have just appeared 4 months post accutane, and it's driving me nuts. They're small and hardly noticeable to others but to me I can feel them and it's enough to knock my confidence massively, so considering a 2nd course of accutane (the only thing I know that works). Let me know how you get on!