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  1. I ditched this because I don't think anyone saw it ever (lol), but if you happen to be reading this I'll give another update. I'm 4 months in, and my acne is gone. No bad side effects, just dryness-related stuff. Still have red marks that are fading very, very slowly, but at this point I'm pretty ok with that compared to back then.
  2. Week 1 No noticeable changes yet after 7 days of 30 mg
  3. Hey Guys, Today is my first day of a 5 month course of accutane. I will be taking 30mg per day for the first month and move up to 60mg after that. I'll give updates whenever I feel like it and i'll try to reply to everyone who comments.
  4. Alright everybody, its been 45 days and I'm completely psychologically drained from this entire experience. I know that I should give it more time but I'm switching to Accutane sometime in the middle of october. I'll have a new thread detailing my experiences with that when I start. I know that no one read this, and if you happen to be reading this, sorry if I discouraged you but I feel like I'm making the right decision.
  5. 41 Day Update A few days ago I got a horrible breakout with some cystic acne around my jaw, which is unusual for me. My face really doesn't look that different from the start, a couple whiteheads are still forming around my chin and one in between my eyebrows. If things don't get better by my derm appointment in a month I'm switching to accutane.
  6. 35 Day Update My acne might be slightly better than the last update but new whiteheads are forming in my chin/mouth area still, and they are somewhat inflamed. So much flakiness today it was terrible, not sure what caused it though, bp or tretinoin. I was really hoping to see results at this point but I guess I'll just have to wait a little more.
  7. 31 Day Update 1 month in!! All the really large whiteheads are much smaller but the red marks and little pimples appear to be worse. I can feel pimples forming under my skin all over my chin/mouth, which is pretty much completely red. I feel like this shouldn't be happening after 31 days. No improvement from starting treatment but it's better than last week.
  8. 26 Day Update Horrible breakout two days ago, making me really depressed and just sad. Usually I would just be frustrated but this time I just feel depressed. I have huge whiteheads all over my chin and around my mouth, and some nasty ones on my back (I've never had more than 1-2 tiny spots on my back before). And homecoming is in a month so I'm probably gonna skip that this year . Anyways, I cut out all the vitamins because I don't really know if they're helping or not. If it gets much worse
  9. 20 Day Progress Alright Guys, its been about 3 weeks of treatment and my acne looks about the same. I've developed a more nasty whiteheads all over, but others have faded too so it pretty much balances out. Nothing significant changed, I just though I'd update you guys even though no one responded anyway, good luck to everyone else and hopefully we'll see some improvement soon!
  10. Hi Everybody, I'm new to posting here and would just like to share my journey with others and hopefully hear from some other people! I am a 16 year old guy who has been struggling with moderate acne for about 2 years ago. Around 6 months ago my acne started to become severe and cystic. It has since improved slightly but is still pretty terrible. My acne is worst on my chin/mouth and nose but I have a few spots on my forehead and cheeks occasionally. My face is usually the worst during w