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  1. I'm not sure if it's the same thing, but I have something called polymorphic light eruptions. AKA, I break out in hives when I'm in the sun...sort of an allergy. When I get it, it's very itchy and sort of rashish looking.
  2. They do apply to everyone; some people just don't have the same visible bad reactions that other people do. If your skin is and always has been clear, why are you on this board?
  3. all these things don't apply to everyone. everything i use you say is bad, but my skin is and always has been clear.
  4. i havent used it yet, but loreal makes a mosturizer that has pure vitamin e in it
  5. hello! i have really clear skin and this is my little schedule: in the morning i put clean and clear's deep pore cleansing cream on my face and leave it on while i'm in the shower. when i'm about finished with my shower i wash the cream off my face with the hot water of the shower. when i get out of the shower i put on st ives oil-free mosturizer. then at night before bed i use st ives apricot face scrub to get off all the stuff that's gotten on my face during the day and i put mosturizer on ag
  6. I get dark circles quite often and it's usually a product of either not sleeping enough, or sleeping too much. When I don't get the perfect amount of sleep the circles appear. For your hair...I'm not sure if you know why it's doing that, but if you don't get enough vitamin B-12 along with zinc your hair will turn dull and fall out. I'm vegetarian so I've had that problem, because those are found in meat. I eat Total cereal every morning (100% B-12 and Zinc) and now I'm fine.
  7. I've never used either of those. At a store I work at though people buy those two products all the time, so they must be good.
  8. I agree, a company can put out good and bad products. I've used a few Aveeno products and I've never had any trouble with them.
  9. I don't know anything really about any medications or chemical things. For my two cents worth though, I would recommend eating a healthy diet. I know people say that what you eat isn't linked to your skin, but I've found that it is linked. Plus, it can't hurt at all to give it a try...it'd be good for you whether it helps your skin or not.
  10. drinking too much water can be really bad for you, worse than not drinking any water at all. it's recommended to drink 8, 8-ounce glasses of water a day.
  11. I have pretty clear skin but during my period I get mini break-outs. Most stuff related to PMS and unpleasent period things (skin breakouts, cramps) are because of nurtrient deficiencies. It sounds strange because soo many women have those things, but my doctor said that it's because when we get our periods our bodies lose so much nutrients that we are temporarily deprived of them. So my point being, if you really keep track of your diet during your period and make sure that you aren't missing
  12. I recently got Aveeno's face sunscreen. It's made for your face so it won't clog pores, make you break out or anything like that.
  13. i use st. ives oil-free mosturizer and it works really well. it soaks in really fast and doesn't make your skin greasy at all...but does make it soft.
  14. i use the invigorating st. ives apricot scrub at night and i like it. i don't use it as a wash...just at night to get off all the stuff that's gotten on my face during the day. i don't have acne really...so i can't help there. but it obviously must be doing something good if my face is clear.
  15. I don't use anything that uses animal testing or any animal products. I know people think it's cheap and crappy, but I use St. Ives products. They're animal free and with using their products I have really clear skin, maybe a few blemishes a year. Well, hope that helped!