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  1. Day 112 Big hello to all ! Skin is a bit better than my last entry, although have developed a small to med sized cyst on my jaw today. Havent had any breakouts since the last post, today being after a long time. I usually don't break out on my jaw line I have stopped using Vitamin E oil on my face for moisturising as it had been causing my pores to clog. Just sticking to Cetaphil moisturiser to help with the excessive dryness. Skin texture is not even and feels very sand paperis
  2. Hi there, I am about a month ahead of you, although I am about a month ahead of you, day 103 to be precise! I am on 40 mg a day and dryness is getting to me..thoughts of giving up have crossed my mind several times since this morning!! The dry spots are peeling off my face and exposing sensitive skin..which looks quite a bit red. Acne wise, I have a healing spot on the side of my right cheek ..however just last night I developed two or three boils (not pimples) on my forhead, seems a result
  3. Hello Fellow Taners, I have been silently popping pill after pill for about 96 days now and could no longer keep to myself. And NO! not here to vent but just nice to be able to interact with peers on the same ride. Trying not to stress much over the slow going progress, half way there now, time definitely didn't just fly by as for many of you out there. Skin status is- I haven't broken out much since about a month, if any have surfaced they have been very small in size and disappear