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  1. Perhaps the reason for your nervousness is hunger. Our bodies start releasing stress hormones preparing for the fight. I feel really sketchy after not eating for a while. Try to down a glass of OJ first thing in the morning and see if it helps.
  2. Being skinny with a belly is actually the worst. It's called visceral fat. Fat around organs. Definitely check your thyroid. Look up hypothyroid/hyperthyroid symptoms. What type of exercise are you doing? Running is a better idea than lifting. Perhaps you have insulin resistance. The best "topical" out there is sun. Try to get it as much as reasonably possible. It's also a natural antidepressant. Supply with vitamin D3 when you can't get out. Every body has its own definition of healthy. Ther
  3. Your skin problems could very well be dermatitis and not "bile deposits." I doubt your liver is that bad, but you're again trying to self-diagnose and doubting doctors. That didn't work so well the first time, did it? My advice to you is to do all the necessary tests and, in the mean time, relax and try to enjoy the life a little.
  4. Guys, I've tried everything listed here and then some. Nothing gave me as much relief as 0.5% hydrocortisone cream. I apply it lightly once a day after a shower. Use H&S and/or Nizoral for hair. 0.5% cream is available in Canada over-the-counter. Generic brand will do.
  5. Do you know that calcium and vitamin D doesn't occur naturally in milk? It's simply added. Supplementing with the said nutrients would have the same if not better effect.
  6. The only theory I know is a scientific one and it shows that hormones (testosterone specifically) go crazy (jump up) on about seventh day of not doing it. Otherwise, doing it regularly keeps T at normal levels. One more time: hormone levels starting to increase after a week of not mastrubating. How it impacts acne is another story.
  7. I've been battling this for a while now. It's called seborrheic dermatitis. Thought to be caused by overactive sebum production. It weakened my eyebrow hairs and caused hair loss. The only suggested treatment on the web is either anti-dandruff shampoos or topical application of ACV. Neither has helped me in a big way and I'm still looking for a solution. Extremely frustrating.
  8. You'll save a lot by buying chicken breasts with skin and bones and preparing the meat yourself. Basically, you need three groups of nutrients: carbs, proteins, and fat: Carbs: frozen or fresh vegetables, fruits, brown rice, sprouted grain breads, regular oats Proteins: chicken, lean ground beef, tuna, free range eggs, whey Fat: fat from the meats mentioned above, olive oil, coconut oil For acne diet emphasize on vegetables and lean meats. Limit fruits and juices to during and post workout ti
  9. The "travel paradox" has been reported many, many times and seems to be completely true. People going on a cruise, visiting a different country, or simply a different city. It often involves poor hygiene and diet too... Go figure.
  10. The claim of sebum moisturizing and extending skin's youth holds no truth, at least in my case. Extremely oily and developed creases on my forehead since late teens. Add enlarged pores and I'm looking like a 30 year old. Sebum's main role is to waterproof the skin, keep the moisture in and environment factors out. Excess sebum suffocates the skin and leads to inflammation and things like hair loss. I think in your case it's Accutane and not B5. Retinoids are very potent. Your sebaceous glands
  11. Save your money. The only thing that helps me with the redness is a hydrocortisone cream. I'm using a cream that's 0.5% strong. Side effects should be minimal.
  12. Uhh, that is gross. Looks like you missed a few pages here. You're only supposed to mix leafy greens with fruits. I buy leafy greens in a package similar to this: http://www.freshexpress.com/Assets/Images/..._spmc_lores.jpg So try a cup or two of that spring mix, maybe a cup of spinach, a cup or two of frozen berries, and an apple or a banana. That's it.
  13. One person here actually got clear by supplementing with iodine.