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  1. Not sure about during accutane. But my skin will break out with ANYTHING. Surprisingly only two that have worked for me have been Aveenos daily moisturiser and cliniques moisturising GEL (theres a lotion and the gel, they're both yellow, so careful not to mistaken) sorry the aveeno is the smart essentials daily moisturiser. its their like orange line
  2. Yepp, when its like BAD bad. wouldn't want to clog my pores even more having to put on make up and that bit. As well as because i work for an agency, not sure they would let me represent the company to other clients and stuff just based on my skin being horrific and far from perfect and all. Not that they've let off they wouldn't let me represent. Just wouldn't want to walk into that type of situation.
  3. First I'd like to say that you can thank that antibiotic for the stage your skin is at now. A very good number of people after coming off an antibiotic for acne experience this same issue, I'm included. Antibiotics are a bandaid and when your done with the antibiotic or your body becomes immune to them your skin goes to hell. As far as the Accutane, no one can tell you if you run the risk of having long term effects. If you want to take the Accutane your best bet is to watch yourself closely, i
  4. Hey beauties! Bit of background/lifestyle info before my question so it hopefully helps answering. Recently (about 4 months now) I've been experiencing acne like never before. I could safely say I've had acne since I was about 16, mild though. I tried EVERYTHING and litterally nothing helped. Now I'm 21 and my skin is BAD. I scar like crazy, always have, which probably made my acne appear worse than it actually was. I do wear make up, which I've been told is a bad habit but I have no ch