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  1. Well here's my update, skin is clear except for post acne red marks but they have already begun to fade. I broke out badly in August, started back on Atralin/Aczone in September and went on ortho tricyclen lo in October. After a month I switched to tri linyah only because my insurance covered all costs. Anyway, things got worse before they got better but by the end of December things started improving dramatically and these past few weeks I've gotten 1 or 2 pimples but nothing like what I experi
  2. Yeah, it also got rid of my clogged pores which I've dealt with for years. Wish I could use it forever but unfortunately I'll have to wean off it as I will be trying to get pregnant later this year. My doctor and I have a plan in place which includes taking vitex 2 months prior to stopping birth control and continuing finacea while weaning off Atralin. Hopefully this works, we'll see. At least I know Atralin works for me.
  3. I figured I would provide an update on my progress. Its been about 5 months on Atralin and 6 weeks on Finacea. At around 4 months is when my skin really started to improve, I would have less than 5 active pimples at a time. Currently I am clear except for a few small cysts on my chin that have been there for weeks...they are hardly noticable though. I also have a lot of red marks on the sides of my cheeks but I am already noticing that they are fading. I'm guessing a few more months. But yeah,
  4. Not really, he'll get big pimples here and there but none that I would classify as cystic. I saw him a few days ago and he had a few big ones on his chin. But he has acne all over. I think his uneven skin makes it look worse than it is though. His forehead tends to be oily with some scarring while his mouth area is red and dry. I think him washing his face less frequently helped reduce the irritation but I'm assuming with the holidays and eating more sweets his acne worsened. I'd have to ask h
  5. My brother and I both suffer from acne ever since puberty, he is now 27 I'm 31. His acne is more severe than mine and it has caused some scarring mainly on his forehead. I'm currently treating my acne with birth control, atralin, and finacea. Along with eating healthy and taking supplements such as vitamin d3, omega 3, b-complex, and probiotics. My skin is doing very well, I'd say I'm about 85% clear. I want to help my brother though. He has never had clear skin. For me, birth control has alwa
  6. Sorry to hear. Sounds like your body is rejecting the BC and probably for a good reason. I experienced some nausea the first week on tri linyah but it went away and it was nothing like what you're experiencing. I'm glad you have an appt tomorrow, hopefully your Dr can provide some better answers for you. Hang in there!!
  7. I use Lily of the desert its 99% pure, Aubrey organics is even better
  8. Aloe Vera helps with redness, apply a generous amount at night. You can use it during the day to but it can be a little sticky. Natural aloe Vera is best but I use Lily of the desert which is 99% pure, Aubrey organics is also good.
  9. Yeah sea salt will do that, especially after a dip in the ocean. I also noticed that when I was using clay masks. They bring impurities to the surface. I would cut back on using the salt toner, it will make your skin harder to manage when more and more whiteheads appear. Over the summer I used clay masks multiple times a week and developed widespread whiteheads/clogged pores. Nothing was getting rid of them so I chose to go back on tretinoin which helped but now I also have inflamed acne that I
  10. somedayistoday

    aczone & atralin

    I used atralin from March until June. My skin improved but atralin seemed to stop working. Went back to dermatologist and she recommended adding aczone to my regimen. Regretfully, I decided to not try the aczone and stop using atralin. I started washing my face with honey and moisturizing with oil. A month later my skin took a turn for the worse. I decided to go right back into using atralin at night with the addition of aczone in the morning.
  11. From the album: aczone & atralin

    Still no active pimples on my left cheek! None on my chin. Right side of face has six or so active pimples and one healing in my eyebrow area. Lots of hyperpigmentation everywhere. Saw the dermatologist this week and she thinks this is as good as my skin is going to get and that I should try Accutane or Spiro. I think since there was a long adjustment period before using atralin every night my progress is also going to take a little longer. Instead of Accutane/Spiro I'm going to continue using a
  12. Yeah I'm not ready to let go of atralin... it has done an incredible job at getting rid of my clogged pores and making my skin smoother. As I look back I started using it 14 weeks ago but there was an adjustment period so its really only been 6 weeks of using it every night. I think this is why I'm not clear yet, which is fine, just means theres still hope! I think aczone helps reduce the swelling of pimples but other than that it just makes my skin oily during the day. I'm eager to try Finacea
  13. Thats one thing I haven't done yet, is to actually get my hormones checked. I discussed it briefly with my naturopath and she said insurance doesnt usually cover it and costs around $150. But anyway I think its worth looking into if done right. Let me know how it goes
  14. Thanks for your input. I've been going back and forth on what to do. The fact that my Dr said my skin isn't going to get any better unless I go on Accutane or Spiro was a little disconcerting. It took all my strength to not cry in front of her, I was that upset. And to think I was actually feeling better about my acne... but now I'm in doubt once again. My gut tells me though... with a little more focus on my health/wellness my skin will get better. I think I'm going to stick with atralin and
  15. Had a dermatologist appt today but I'm not sure that I trust my Dr's opinion. I'be been using atralin and aczone for 13 weeks now and I am finally noticing my acne improving. My skin is a lot smoother, I no longer break out along my jawline, nose, chin. The left side of my face also has been holding steady with no pimples. I'm still breaking out along my eyebrows and right cheek. My skin still looks worse than when I started treatment because of all the hyperpigmentation. Doctor says I shouldn't
  16. Well I saw my dermatologist today. She said I shouldn't be breaking out any more at 14 weeks and recommended Accutane (...scratching my head). But I would say my skin is just starting to improve its definitely a lot smoother and it has worked in the past so i'm going to continue on the tretinoin treatment for another month or so. Then I plan to switch to Finacea as it is safer to use while pregnant and essentially does the same thing. I'm fairly optimistic that my acne will clear up. She doesn't
  17. Well I figured it cleared my skin I didn't need to use it anymore and I also went to get a refill and the cost was over $100 so I stopped. My skin was actually good for about 2 years after that just mild acne here and there. Long story short, I went off birth control last spring and my acne worsened a few months later. I was actually washing my face with ,Manuka honey for a while before I decided to go back on a retinoid. My face was covered in tiny clogged pores along with larger pimples and a
  18. Yeah I wish I hadn't stopped using my topicals over the summer, I would probably have clear skin right now. But I'm taking it as a learning experience and using this opportunity to really address the root cause of my acne. Since I'm using topicals and birth control its hard to say if the BC caused an initial breakout. I've been breaking out for 3 months now on treatment, but I think the worst of it is finally over. I would give yourself a few months for the BC to start improving your acne. Altho
  19. From what I've read its not uncommon for retinoids to take longer to work. I'm on week 13 still breaking out and my skin looks worse than when I started but my skin texture is a lot smoother. I think it depends on the severity of your acne. First time I used it it took around 3 months to clear up, this time around its taking longer because I had more acne to begin with. I expect to start seeing more dramatic results in another few weeks and hopefully clear skin at 6 months. You also mentioned
  20. Yeah I hear that. I really didn't want to go back birth control but my acne was getting out of control and I didn't want to experiment with other things that may or may not work. My naturopath and I decided it was best to retrace my steps and get my acne under control then try going off BC again and using hormone supplements. Thats not to say that you have to absolutely go back on BC its just what I decided to do to balance my hormones. I have also found that the love vitamin website has some go
  21. My face broke out too after going off birth control. I decided to go back on it just because its the only thing that has really worked for me in the past. I'm also using topicals. Its been 3 months and I'm still breaking out but not as bad, things are slowly improving. But yeah, I chickened out and went back on birth control but this time around I plan to work closely with my naturopath and dermatologist when I'm ready to wean off of it again. I feel ya though, I don't want to be on BC but
  22. From the album: aczone & atralin

    For the first time in months, no active pimples on the left side of my face!! just some hyperpigmentation, which I'm OK with. On the right side of my face I have 1 monster zit and a cluster of pimples near my temple area, the rest is hyperpigmentation. Feeling like the worst of it is finally approaching the end. My nose, jawline, chin and tops of my cheeks have been staying consistently clear for a while now. I've been getting some minor pimples along my eyebrows. The tiny bumps I had prior to t
  23. Good to know there are plenty of options out there. I stopped taking birth control for the first time in over a decade and my acne got pretty bad. My acne is definitely hormonal, topicals help but not without addressing internal issues as well. I would hate for it to get bad again if I ever got pregnant, but I guess it could go either way. I'm somewhat relieved that I'm not necessarily doomed to have bad acne, thanks guys!
  24. Sorry if this is a double post. Anyway, I am currently treating acne with birth control, atralin, and aczone.....which are obviously not safe to use while pregnant. I'm not pregnant but its in my plans for sometime within the next few years. I'm realizing that acne is a chronic condition for me so I know I will need a treatment plan in place or my skin will flare up. I have a dermatologist appointment in a few weeks but I'd like to gather people's thoughts and suggestions so I can ask the righ