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  1. Is there any differences between 100% Pure and coldpress Jojoba oil?
  2. I stopped using products like daily cleanser and my skin improved alot. I'm still breaking ou but much lesser than I did during the 7 years I used products. Nowdays im just using aspirin mask, once every 2 week to clean dead cells and stuff. So give it a try and see.
  3. Hi! Im on my 5:th day of accutane and bought some supplements to strenght my liver during the time. Do you think it's ok to take this beside the medicine? Liver essentials
  4. colleenie Exactly! I don't really have bad skin either (thanks to aspirin) but still getting the cystic type of acne that I think don't respond to treatment from the aspirin. How can I explain this for you..hmm they are bigger in size, inflamed, painful and when squeezing them, the white thing is coming out with pus fluid. They are also often deep under the skin. I have tried to leave the pimples to cure themself but it takes 1week+. And they are leaving scars no matter if i squeeze them or
  5. Hi! I have had acne since 14-15 years of age and I'm 21 today. I'm currently on the "Aspirin Mask regimen" and have using it for about 6 months now. It has helped me to clear my acne from moderate to light, but im still getting breakouts and it's going up and down all the time. The problem with me is that I'm rarely getting small zits, it's always cyst- similar pimples and you can't leave them without squeezing them. They can be everything from small to big in size. My skin texture is looking
  6. how is it goin?? can you give us some update?? My mom bought some ibuprofen in tablet form today, the strong ones (400mg). Im going to crush one tablet, every second night and mix it with my moisture and apply it over the entire face. I hope it will work!
  7. hmm this sounds very interesting..what do you think about buying ibuprofen in tablet form, take 2-3 pills, crush them, mix it with water and use it as overnight treatment over the entire face?
  8. Okey, hope someone here could answer at our questions.. I took a picture to clarify of what im meaning.. http://img524.imageshack.us/img524/7871/aspirinka6.th.jpg Looks not like a mask?
  9. Hi! I bought some aspirin tabletts (only that available in Sweden) and tried to make the first apsirin mask. I took 4 tabletts and mixed it with a few drops of water. They disolved quickly but not completly..the consistency was not fast, more buoyant. So I tried one more time and with same reslut. But this time I added some honey go get it more fast like real mask, but with no success. So I applied that mask anyway..and it looks strange! There are white grains all over the entire face right kno
  10. Does it work to use 100% pure jojoba oil as single moisturizer? Or should it be mixed with another moisturizer? //M
  11. Hi! As the topic says..what is the most healthy vegetable/fruit of all? Especially for the skin and acne?
  12. This shit is really working for me, I can't belive it!! I have done this 3 weeks now and my skin looks amazing, I think i've got 3 spots since it started to work and they have been relly small. I have noted that my skin is also healing faster. Im using sudocrem, dans BP and paulas choice 2% BHA beside it and drinking about 1,5L smoothies everyday. So it's 3 glasses of 0,5L, 1 for breakfast, 1 for lunch 1 for dinner. Here is my list of what my smoothies contain. * 2 glasses of water * 2 car
  13. Im still using sudocrem with BP, have done it for several months now and it's still working very good. This is absolute the best treatment I have found to prevent acne (never tried accutane). The only thing that is annoying with sudocrem is when you go to bed to sleep, you can't move your head how you want
  14. Hi everyone! I'm on DRK and using BP at nights + BHA at mornings (instead of BP). Im looking for a new moisturizer and found "Lac hydrin FIVE Moisturizer" through reviews. The moisturizer seems to be really great and I have decided to buy it. But before buying, I would like to ask you if it's OK to mix the moisturizer with BHA? It contains AHA which maybe can be bad if it is mixed with BHA? //m4x