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  1. Hi everyone, i had the new sciton profractional treatment on my cheeks done yesterday. I was originally going to do another fraxel but my doctor convinced me to do the sciton because it offers better results. He told me that new sciton was designed with darker skin types in mind. He also asked the rep if there are pigmentation issues with it before and the rep said no. I did not really do my reaserch and kind of jumped into it blinded. As I am looking into it more, i see that there is not muc
  2. Hi, thanks for sharing your experience JodieM. it made me feel alot better Its been 10 days since my treatment and man, the improvement is drastic! its like i never had any skin issues! I have a little bump on my cheek and it makes my face looks a little uneven but its not noticeable and it will go away in time. My doc said that fat will last forever, especially in the hollows of my cheeks. In the beginning there will be absorption but after a month or two, whatevers left will stay forev
  3. Hey guys, i just had a fat filler on my face to make my shallow scars seem less aparent. my doc took the fat from the lower part of my stomach or the "fupa" as they call it and put it into my cheeks. the only problem is that its a little lumpy and uneven. my right cheek has a lump close to my eye and my left cheek has a lump a little lower and almost near my mouth. my doc said that its just swelling but im a little worried. what do you guys think?
  4. 1. i was started on 8 for my first fraxel then 22, 16,and 18. 2. i used H.Quinone 6% the first time but stopped when my skin lost pigmentation. i drank a lot of orange juice and water. now that i am thinking about it, i probably should have taken multivitamins. 3. i was swollen and peeling for about a week and i was red for a month. 4. i had a few rolling scars, a lot of ice pick scar, and one chicken pock scar. most of my ice pick scars have softened greatly and my rolling scars have fille
  5. it has been about 25 days since my 4th fraxel and my skin looks pretty good. its still a little red but overall, the texture is smoother and my scars are barely noticeable when i wear makeup. i would say that i have a 40 to 50 percent improvement. my skin HAS lost some pigmentation but who cares! i actually have people telling me that my face looks like its glowing. i can finally enjoy life and be a part of society without being all self conscious. Man, it is a great feeling i am glad i did fr
  6. yes the darkening is normal, it will start to peel in a day or two. afterwards, you will see pinkish raw skin underneath the tan dead skin but dont worry, it will fade as your skin heals. passes are the amount of times the doc went over your skin with the fraxel. and i know what you mean, i love the period when your skin is a little inflamed and your scars have disappeared. i wish it can stay that way forever!
  7. #1 cubs fan, im just curious who your Doctor is. Assuming you are in chicago as well... mine is Dr. Stein.
  8. oh man, i just finished reading that TCA study and it is horrible! i do many journal critiques for my school and this one takes the cake. Anyone reading this study, do not be fooled into thinking it works. please get professional advice first.
  9. Hi scarface_hoping, Well, my doc told me to expect an 80% improvement after 4 fraxel treatments. However, he was wrong. Its been 2 weeks since my 4th treatment and my skin is still red and scared. I think the improvement is about 30% not 80. I have an appointment with him on Wednesday. He said he would give me fat injections which would permanently fix my scars. I don’t know if I should do it though. He was not really correct about the fraxel improvement… I’m not sure what w
  10. hi everyone, my doctor wants me to have fat injections for my scaring. i was wondering if anyone else has done this before and if it worked. he said that he would use the fat from my body and it will last forever. im not sure if its true. he did not guarantee its effectiveness for my scars. he said that he would try it and see how it goes. im a little confused... what do you guys think?
  11. im sure fraxel will really help for you cuz you dont seem to have any pitted scars. its a bit expensive but definitely look into it.
  12. hi blaster, yea those settings are pretty high. your results will probably be great. keep me updated. -chi gurl
  13. im glad im not the only indian doing fraxel. i just learned that my scab is actually from a fraxel burn. yes, she burned my skin. Im sure it will get better and hopefully not form a new scar. my settings were 8 then 22 then 16 , and lastly 18. my swelling is pretty much gone and its only day 4 post treatment. The bronzing has gone away and my cheeks look like the inside of a medium rare steak. Its also very rough and peeling a bit. I cant use moisturizer cuz ill break out. i hope i see some d
  14. OMG take the drugs man!!! its just vicodin which is used for mild to moderate pain. i would go for the drugs even if i didnt feel any pain. plus, one of its side effects is euphoria... how can you say no to that? im just kidding... but seriously, for me, the treatment is unberable and i take more potent drugs than vicodin.