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  1. Great post. I had lived with acne for many years too, but maybe not as severe as yours. I agree with not popping acne and using benzoyl peroxide. Here is what I add to your list: 1. keep stress under control. 2. AVOID dairy products. 3. take one pill of vitamin supplements a day (multi-vitamin). 4. Avoid touching the pimple as much as possible b/c your hands are dirty.
  2. Sorry about the cysts, had a few in the past and they were horrible. Anyways, you said you were using L'oreal cashmere perfect foundation. You can get that on Amazon's website. I personally use Neutrogena's on-the-spot acne treatment with benzoyl peroxide on the pimple. It works really well, you should try it out.
  3. Great result. Congrats on the clear skin, but what is a fungal infection on the skin? I have never seen that before.
  4. I take one multi-vitamin pill everyday. My skin seems to get better. I don't break out from most foods except diary products. I read from somewhere that diary products contain male hormone that will make our skin break out more. Ever since I stopped eating any diary products, my skin seems to get a lot better.
  5. Your acne is mild to moderate on your cheeks and a bit on the moderate to severe side for the chin. Try using a benzoyl peroxide acne cream on the pimples so that it won't leave a scar. There are lots of things contributing to acne so it is difficult recommending a treatment that will for sure work for you. I had it for so many years and now it is somewhat under control with a whole routine for acne. You can look at my profile for what I use.
  6. If you still have acne from time to time, I don't think it's a good idea for scar treatment.
  7. Get on Accutane asap. Don't waste your time on those other medicine that WON'T work. Don't pick at those acne, b/c it will leave huge UGLY scars.
  8. I suffered from acne for 6 years. Now, I don't have acne anymore but I still hate myself. Sometimes I hope I was never born. What I learned is depression will always be with me. I just hope I can get some kind of cancer and die within a few month.
  9. I know how you feel right now. I started getting acne when I turned 18. Now, I am 23, I don't have any pimples anymore. But not sure if they will come back. Please, take accutane, it's the only thing that will save your face from acne. Trust me, it won't make you more depressed.
  10. everyone, i have a few pimples here and there. but, the fine lines under my eyes are really bothering me. I am only 22 and don't understand why I have a lot of fine lines under my eyes. I hate pimples and fine lines, my skin is just so nasty looking all the time.
  11. I am also one. Back in high school, I had really pretty skin and guys usually pay more attention. But when I went to college, my skin turned bad. I became shy and turned down many guys. Now, i am on accutane, it's making my skin good again. And I regret missing so many good opportunities. Now, i am out of college, I would never get that many dating opportunities anymore.
  12. I will not use it then. It's probably from the dry skin because of accutane. I didn't notice wrinkle there before, I think. I will use it after accutane if it doesn't disappear. Also, I am on a pretty low dosage. My derm don't think I need the full six month.
  13. I used to buy these, they didn't really work for me.
  14. I really need help, I started taking accutane about 1 month ago. And all my acne are gone. But I started noticing these lines under my eyes, don't remember if they were there before the accutane or not. But I am only 21, and these lines really have me worried. I was wondering if I can use an anti-wrinkle serum while on accutane. Please help.
  15. If you think the oil is causing the acne, then accutane will sure help as it did in my case but then again I mostly had papules and pustules.
  16. I think my acne is related to emotions/mood. Until now, I have had acne for 4 years. When it first hit me, I have about 18 and going to college. I was worried about making friends and being on my own. So, the acne exploded into full force. Then, it slowly decreased to just once a month because of my period. From my second year in college to about the third year, my acne was very mild, people usually don't notice it. Then 7 month ago, I was really unhappy because I didn't get into grad sch
  17. I have been using accutane for 1 month. I used to have oily nose and lots of blackheads that I cannot get rid of. It is because of the oil. I have tried a lot of over the counter stuff for removing blackheads, but nothing worked. Only accutane helps me with the blackheads.
  18. I heard about oil controlling lotions somewhere, not sure.
  19. extremely oily skin is very annoying. yeah, ask your doctor about accutane, it's very effective against oily skin. I have been on accutane for only about 2 weeks, and I have only 1 small pimple on my chin. Not even very obvious.
  20. how about accutane, I use only 20 mg a day for now, and only after 2 weeks, I have only 1 very small pimple on my chin. And the best thing is, no oil except a little bit on my nose.
  21. Does accutane make you less oily even after taking it? Is the result somewhat permanent?
  22. whatever you do, do not take accutane with tetracycline. It shouldn't be taken together.
  23. Hi, it seems that your acne is due to your oily skin. Accutane is effective in reducing oil. Because of your oily skin, I think that you have very large pores right? So, Accutane will be the best option for you. But ask a derm about your acne.