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  1. now way! one month! well i started it yesterday, so wish me luuck
  2. i tried it (yasmin for jasmine) it just made me depressed i guess its silly for me to ask cuz every1s skin iz different
  3. i dont want people to see me so i only go outside at night and alone. i have no confidence whatsoever i am on antidespressants cuz of my damn acne! i hate this all i do is sleep and hide, and at work i never talk cuz i dont want any1 to notice me. my body is perfect but my face is pizza! i would do anyting to make it stop,but there is nothing tat helps. IM SO FRUSTErATED
  4. i feel ur pain, i am ashamed to let people even see my face even tho my body is perfect i have no confidence.
  5. i hear this birth control called ortho trycyclen is supposed to help acne, has any1 tried it?
  6. i dont want to spend 220$ on a product based on feedback on their site. so has anyone tried it? and how do you feel about bliss.com acne products? p.s. that picture is me at my clearest but i still have some. i dont have any other pictures of myself i hate getting my picture taken. right now my face is pizza
  7. i have used every type of product known to man, from all natural soaps and lotions to acupuncture to benzoyl peroxide and sulfur, i use birth control pills as a hormone regulator (which helps minimally) but so far the only thing to work for me is straight hydrogen peroxide. ive been using it every day for 4 days now and my skin is looking better, but im worried because i cant possibly imagine that this is good for my skin, will i get problems from this later?