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Picture Comments posted by Killlllerkylie

  1. :D heyy i was on accutane for alitte bit over 6 months and its almost about the time i got off of it last year and i'm breaking out again...

    i went to the dermatologist today and she prescribed me to birth control retin-a and benzyl peroxide 10% i told her that those didnt work before i went on accutane and she told me that my skin is different now that i have been on accutane... im frusterated again! help!

  2. your lips and your eyees are really pretty :]

    i pray that God will heal you and then use you

    for His glory!

    i know acne is a struggle but what i always try to tell myself

    is that the greater healing needs to be on the heart :] because the heart can outshine anything anytime :]

    much love, Kylie

  3. hey how are yo doing girly. just want to let you know you are beautiful with acne and all. and that your beauty cancels out anything that may appear to you huge!

    what really matters is healing of the heart :] strive for that because its eternal..

    and always remember these are temporary bodys. and that life is just a dot on a line of everlasting

    - ______________________________________________________________________________

    ^ life ^Heaven