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  1. so i ended accutane last february and it just started coming back about 2 weeks ago. i went to the derm and she put me on retinae benzyl peroxide and birth control... im mad that i couldnt go on accutane again. she said once you go on accutane it changes your skin forever so the stuff that didnt work before might work the second time after being on tane. anyways... any comments
  2. hey! how is ur progress with accutane! ??? I ws browsing my old comments and was wndering how u were doing

  3. just getting worse
  4. how bad is this? how long should it take to clear up? my mom will only let me go on the 40mg because the 60 mg made me r
  5. im using cetaphill wash and moisterizer day and night. my skin is real sensetive to the touch and it itches like crazy! it is also really imflamed. and its at its reddest! God please heal me!!!!