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  1. I've been battling Acne for a long time, since my early twenties, and now, 5 years later I still suffer from Acne. During this time I've had chance to experiment a lot with different vitamins and minerals. I can say without a doubt that it's NOT a coincidence that when you stopped taking the multi vitamin you saw better results. It's my theory that B5 actually works by causing a Biotin deficiency, so by taking a multivitamin containing Biotin you are just putting back what B5 is working hard
  2. The word normal and Accutane doesn't seem to go together. I'm having exactly the opposite effect. I find that my body feels a lot hotter, especially in response to external temperatures and exertion, and as a result I'm sweating much much more! Cheers Craig
  3. I've read studies indicating that Accutane reduces Biotinidase levels, and as a result you end up with less Biotin in the body. This itself is how I think Accutane shrinks the sebaceous glands and as a result you get less sebum production, which for Acne sufferers is a good thing. However one of the side effects of a prolonged Biotin deficiency is said to be depression. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biotin "Initial symptoms of biotin deficiency include: Dry skin Seborrheic dermatitis Fungal inf
  4. Well, as a result of an e-mail I sent to them, Roche have contacted me and are interested in what I've got to say as they've left me an answerphone message asking me to call them back. I'll be calling them on Monday and letting them know more about my theory so they'll either dismiss it, have already looked into it, or will be interested and investigate it further! Cheers Craig
  5. One of the things I tried during B5 megadosing was taking a B complex multivitamin. This in itself would give me the required dosage of all the other B vitamins so I don't think that's possible that Biotin caused me to be deficient in a different B vitamin. I found that taking a B complex, despite also megadosing B5 as well caused my oily skin and therefore acne to gradually return which is why I tried taking the vitamins within a B complex seperately and through trial and error found it was onl
  6. I still remain convinced that Accutane and B5 both work by causing a Biotin or Biotinidase deficiency and as such shrink the sebaceous glands so they stop producing sebum. I'm noticing more and more similarities between the effects of Accutane and B5 on my body. I'm not a scientist but I've never been more confident about any theory I've come up with than this Biotin one as it makes sense. Maybe one day we'll be taking Avidin (the molecule that binds to Biotin found in raw egg white) to cure ou
  7. I'm still at a loss as to how Accutane can cause heat intolerance and sweating in certain individuals. It's kind of a relief to know that other people are experiencing a similar issue, although at the same time frustrating to not know or understand the cause of it. It's really effecting me. Temperatures that I'd normally feel comfortable at are making me feel very warm. Simple exertion such as walking makes me feel hot. The increase in feeling warm tends to bring on a nasty case of sweating too
  8. Taking Accutane should ensure that ingesting foods that contain Biotin doesn't have any impact on sebum production as Accutane acts to reduce Biotinidase which prevents the Biotin from being used no matter how much there is. B5 and Raw Egg White (without the Yolk) act directly on reducing Biotin itself but the end result on sebum production is the same, although you have to be more careful about ingesting foods rich in Biotin if you're on B5 or using Raw Egg Whites as they don't stop it bein
  9. I came off B5 and my intolerance to heat and sweating got better, although not 100% as I always felt a lot warmer than the people around me. Unfortunately my oily skin started coming back so I've had to go back on Accutane again. I find that Accutane doesn't actually cause me to feel hot and sweat a lot in the first place, but it kind of takes an existing problem I've already got and makes it worse so I'm not sure what to do. Having this problem is almost as bad as having Acne it's that bad. I
  10. The only Antibiotic that I know of that shouldn't be taken at the same time as B5 is Tetracycline as from the link I've found they seem to interefere with the absorption of each other. http://www.umm.edu/altmed/ConsSupplements/...enicAcidcs.html Cheers Craig
  11. Accutane has appeared on various news websites recently regarding new research that in mice it appeared to trigger a depression type state, although this study hadn't been conducted in humans so it is unknown whether it has the same effect. What I do find interesting with this though, is that a Biotin deficiency has been linked to causing depression in certain individuals as per the details contained in my last post taken from Wikipedia. This to me is yet more evidence that the way Accutane wor
  12. As has already been said B5 is water soluble so unlike Accutane there's no requirement to take it with food, you can just take it with water and it will disolve and get absorbed with that. Accutane is fat soluble so it's more important to take it with fatty foods to ensure it disolves in the fat and you get maximum absorption. That said if you take B5 with food then generally it will slow down the passing through the digestive system which means it takes longer to be absorbed by the body. This
  13. To get the best results from B5 megadosing I'd recommend that you do the following: * Make sure you are taking pure B5 500mg capsules (not tablets or B5 with other B vitamins already included, e.g. Vilantae) * Make sure you don't take a B complex along with the B5. My theory is that if the B complex contains Biotin (which most do) then it can reduce the effectiveness of B5 megadosing. * If you really have to take a B complex try and find one that doesn't contain Biotin. * Start with a high d
  14. B5 itself isn't toxic because it's water soluble so as long as you're getting enough water the excess will be flushed out when the body doesn't need it anymore so there's nothing really to worry about there. The action of B5 megadosing could be harmful long term though. If I'm right and the way B5 works is by inducing a Biotin deficiency by blocking it's absorption then the long term effects of a Biotin deficiency on the body could cause problems! I still remain convinced that the way B5, Acc