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  1. Yay this is so good to hear! Things will only get better i'm sure. Talk to your derm about the low dose accutane and what he thinks, in terms of your joint pain you were concerned about. As i said in a message to you, at 30mg (I weight 45 kg, for reference) a day i had almost no side effects and it cleared me. Look forward to your next update :))
  2. Please keep posting. We will always be here for you. You will be able to look at these entries soon and appreciate even more when you are feeling better. <3 hugs
  3. Hey, I know exactly how you feel. I had the extact same thing going on when i tried differin last year (i think we spoke on my blog). I felt like ending it because in my head it was easier to deal with acne alone rather than acne and a frustrated boyfriend who didnt know why i was avoiding him. Please talk to him, you will feel like a weight has been lifted i promise. Anyways, i hate to pull the accutane card but have you tried it or considered it?
  4. Same!! I thought the same thing. I noticed it around the same time most of my nose blackheads came out, so i think for me at least it was a combination of the blackheads themselves lodged in my nose (cute) leaving and therefor the inflammation receding.
  5. It almost looks like they've made their own solution for you. By what they've named it, it seems as if its got clindamycin (a topical antibiotic), Salicylic acid and glycolic acid in it. I'm not sure if it's an actual product or they just made a formula up for you, but in my opinion, that is way too many active ingredients to be using on your skin at once. To be honest in the pictures it looks like it is giving you a low grade chemical burn. Personally I would stop using it and either find a
  6. What about the copper IUD? It doesn't use hormones I am correct. That's probs your best bet if you don't want fake hormones, don't trust your body for body temp monitoring Onyx suggested, or your partner doesn't like condoms. Only other thing I can think of is spermicidal lube but that shouldn't be primary birth control.
  7. I can't answer all of your questions sorry, but I can give you my opinion on some of them! Firstly, don't stress over prom, coming from an 18 yo girl, I think you're pretty attractive. You could even try some light powder for prom if you want to look better in photos. I'm not saying cake your face but some powder no one will notice and you will be more confident. Secondly, I could sit here and tell you to "try this!" and "ask your derm for this!" but to be honest what works for any other per
  8. Over drying your skin as the BP may have been doing could have lead your skin to produce more oil. Being more simple with your skin could aso be reducing irritation and hence breakouts. Anywho, do you have any recent pictures to show your derm of how it usually is? Accutane is also indicated for use in patients who's emotional health is severely effected by acne. I'm not saying to go in there and tell him you are suicidal, but if you think your skin looks too good (currently) to evoke the derm
  9. A single bump? Maybe a wart that you are irritating. Go and see a doctor perhaps, i highly doubt it's acne.
  10. Can't say ive experienced this (yet). But Ive watched a lot of youtube videos and in someone's video they had noticed this! Just use heat tools for prom, using them for one night won't hurt.
  11. Thanks for you second opinion. i think I might mention cumulative dosage to my doc next time and see what he says. I am petite so three months might be enough hopefully!
  12. My grandfather once told me that if I wasn't a vegetarian and ate meat I would stop getting pimples. One reason I became vego was to help it rofl
  13. I came across this post on tumblr... Yes tumblr, shush. Makes me laugh actually, it's honestly so true for me and I had to share a screen shot!
  14. Hey i'm a female so i cant be anecdotal with you but Im a huge hypochondriac so ive read so much on the drug. honeslty i think it IS the accutane, did you consult with you doc/derm before quitting? most people seem to recover mostly if they have this issue from what ive read (same with vaginal dryness); so you may have jeopardized completing you course to clear your skin properly for an issue which is likely to resolve.
  15. Good luck! Your skin looks really smooth overall! Do you think you've improved since beginning?