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  1. Lol I already have done tons of research on healthy eating, I have a meal prep plan. If you understood my post you'd know I wasn't asking for a diet plan. I was asking if anyone with forehead acne has done it? And how it worked out for them. But thanks for your rude comment ) I'm thinking that too. Whether it works for my acne or not eating healthier is a good idea. I always feel sluggish and lazy because of it. Thank you! Haha i've never liked it either.
  2. I've had acne for years little colourless bumps on every inch of my forehead, then random white heads. I've tried attacking it from the outside and it's not working. I'm hoping someone that has cleared their forehead acne by eating proper food and drinking water will read this and help! I heard it takes about 3 months to get completely flawless skin. But I'm willing to stick with it if I know it will help me. Btw, as of now I have a very poor diet. Pop, candy, cookies, chips fast food every day.
  3. Woah, no need to be so rude to a 13 year old girl looking for help... Jeez.
  4. I know you said it's offensive to say "drink more water" or eat better but it's linked with forehead acne. I have it too. And I'm pretty sure if you're like me you've tried everything you can. Scrubs, toners, topical gels. Nothing helps! It's said that your forehead shows your digestive health. And to be honest I have a pretty horrible diet. I never drink water I drink pop and eat processed foods. I don't really exercise. If I want to fix my acne I know I need to stay away from all of that yucky
  5. I have the same thing, only acne on my forehead and my forehead is very oily. I've payed tons of money to dermatologists for creams that don't work I take vitamins and they don't change anything. I'm pretty sure forehead acne is almost always due to poor diet. Check out a chinese face map, I learned alot
  6. I'm really hoping I can finally get some opinions/help MY ACNE STORY. I had flawless skin until grade 9. I started getting a few pimples, then soon enough my entire forehead was covered in colourless bumps. Since it started I haven't had a day without tons of acne on my forehead. My entire family has never had acne. So I didn't really have anyone to get good advice from, which of course lead me to buying super harsh face scrubs/topical gels I didn't need. That made it SO MUCH WORSE, my ent