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Picture Comments posted by whatsfordinner

  1. wow you look really good. i can't see any imperfections on your face. it looks great!

    i can't speak dutch :| i only understand a few words that resemble german. so stop talking in dutch so that everyone can understand :dance: :dance: :dance:

    ill try to keep the dutch to a minimum, we ware just giving compliments, nothing nasty :dance:

    yes i agree! ya look great and skin doesnt look bad at all!

    thank you so much, im quite happy with my acne on my face, its a lot better then a few years ago, almost completely gone, but the acne on back back is just the opposite, thats what concernes me the most, i dont feel confident enough to most pictures of my back yet :dance:

  2. mark.... :|

    i wish i had skin like that...

    jou bent zo mooi en, het is bevreemdend dat jou kent het niet.

    ik zie geen fout in jou..niets, en als ik, het zou niet van belang zijn


    pictures lie... im just trying to look good for you :dance:

    en ik zou hetzelfde kunnen zeggen over jou schoonheid, jou huid is vrijwel perfect.

    ik moet nog oppassen om niet hopeloos verliefd op je te worden

  3. You're a goodlooking guy. You look like a model, and I see zero redness!

    :| thats the best compliment i ever had i think, thanks. yeah lighting with my digital camera is crap so the rednesss doesnt show well, its the day after now and the redness is almost gone but skin still feels a bit sore like its sunburnt, im expert at molesting my skin :dance: