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  1. Hey, im so sorry you have to go though this, that guy doesnt sound like someone worth having anyway. Im sure you will find someone better than him soon, you are very beautiful and sound very sweet. Happy birthday, try enjoy your birthday as much as you can after all, ok?
  2. If i have a red spot or 2 and im seeing a girl i like, then i always put a little bit of cover on it, not much so no one will ever see there is make up on it, just enough to make te red mark a bit less appearant and keep my confidence up.
  3. i was just joking around because you said every thinks they are ugly on this site , i just look regular, not ugly, i know that
  4. what? if you trust your gf enough then there should be no problem with her hanging out with other guys, as long as its just hanging out
  5. Just try not to worry too much about it, if the guy is jealous then thats his problem, you arent doing anything wrong by being friends with girls. The situation im in is a bit more to the next level, im totally in love with this girl, she knows it, i let her know exactly how much i like her on a daily basis, but she has a bf, she only sees him in the weekends, and we spend a lot of time together during the week, she doesnt want to cheat on her boyfriend so we agreed not to do anything like kiss
  6. im no detective but it sounds to me like this boss of yours would very likely have been the one that took your phone and thats why he ignored you that day so he knew the camera would be whiped the day after and the evidence of his crime would be gone. :ninja:
  7. from what he said he's obviously bi. anywho, i know how you feel, girls at 13 are mostly skanks , but they grow up...eventually. and i know a lot of people but never really known a gay guy, i mean that i know of, so i guess they are very rare, at any age.
  8. i never heard that song before, but these last 2 days i've played it a lot, love it
  9. What worked very well for me: 1) Dont touch or pick (most important thing) 2) Wash with Head&Shoulders for men every day (tha one the contains zink) 3) Exfoliate 2 times/week 4) Go to the sea for the salt water and the sun(thats the best working method of getting a clear and nice looking skin i think (if its winter, maybe a bath with sea salt and going to a tanning salon may do the same thing but i havent tried that)
  10. You're very cute, and i'm sure you still are. it seems to my kanmi likes asian boys :razz:
  11. I just returned from a week of surfing. Which means: wimming in the sea en tanning every day and i washed my back with H&S too that week every day and my back is almost 100% clear now and it looks healthy and feels soft too. First time in 4 years!! I dont know if it was the sea water, the sun or the H&S or all three but something definitely works wonders.
  12. whatsfordinner


    ill try to keep the dutch to a minimum, we ware just giving compliments, nothing nasty thank you so much, im quite happy with my acne on my face, its a lot better then a few years ago, almost completely gone, but the acne on back back is just the opposite, thats what concernes me the most, i dont feel confident enough to most pictures of my back yet
  13. whatsfordinner


    looking good , you look a bit angry though
  14. Day 11 Status: bacne got better, skins feels very smooth but very dry and ichi too. This being said, i had enough of this regimen, im going all natural again, im not saying it doenst work, i just dont feel like spending 30mins every morning and evening just putting on products and having a dry skin, also because i occupy myself with my acne treatment i pick a lot more, and picking is my worst problem. So i guess its better to just let myself be ok with some mild acne, because if i dont care a
  15. too much salt in the water can corrode the pipes, but if you flush it well and flush the pipes with some clear water after that nothing can go wrong.
  16. ya i learned that the hard way me too, beta hydroxy acid too, always rinse it off or let it dry on completely
  17. dont know about panoxyl but salicylic acid bleaches like hell, my best tshirt to ruins!
  18. you must make sure its nor larger then 100x100 in pixels
  19. Day 6 Not using anything today. tomorrow ill throw in a Head and Shoulders to the regimen, it seems to work great for lots of people.
  20. wow, sounds like this thing really works i happended to have bought this exact bottle a few days ago for my hair maybe ill try it for on my back too, thanks for the tips, keep on posting results you guys but, question, does it get rid of none-active whiteheads/blackheads too?