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  1. where did you get the treatement who was your doctor ?:O
  2. what you have is called rolling scars they are best treated by fraxel or subsission youre lucky the scars you have can be very easily treated
  3. i had same result after fraxel worst scaring and deeper scars that ive never seen before appared also lines like stretch mark lines i dunno how to describe them but kinda like those apparing on my cheek, and alot of icepick scars i never had before also .
  4. I dont think she ment any harm she properly thought she was trying to help you, back in her genration that is how they delt with pimples they had even invented a picker for it, that you burst it and get the puss out,
  5. dont give up , just work on other aspect of your life and not try and focus on your skin, say instead of going out partying, stay at home study hard get a good degree, or say you have bad acne . work out pyschially so you have a nice body anything to counter the effects of it, so when the acne clears you have a god like chizzled body someone once said to me why do you care what everyone thinks of you, if you know how little they would do for you, and the people who care for you wouldnt change
  6. it burns a little bit shouldnt be too painful unless your skin has a bad reaction to the chemical or goes super bright red it means you should proberly discontuine use
  7. mm use gargolic peels or differen to help speed skin turn over you can vist your gp and ask he would prob suggest them to you.
  8. either active acne or if they are soild and bumpy might be keliod scaring
  9. can you post any pics of proff?
  10. some sun rays not alot like morning rays between 8 to 10 pm say 10 mins every morning drys out the oil 8 to 10am*
  11. depends if you mean drain them ? usually you need a specialized equipment a very fine needle , if you just pop them theres chance of scaring ;/ even with draining them theres a chance of scaring also... depends how good you can heal >< and if you squeeze them they can spread under the surface to other areas and cause infection D: so yeah