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    I dont really want to.give my name out or where im from due to.the fear of having someone i know find out im on here...im a pretty girl (with make up on) and its sad because i.had a good.social life...going to the gym..promoting at clubs...a fiance and now im afraid to talk to anyone...my acne isnt severe but its bad to me..its taken over my life and i just want my life back.
  1. I agree...i.cried a little at the end...this.gives us girls hope that we will find love one day
  2. roxylove08

    Positive Message For All Of You!

    This actually made me tear up a little...i.needed to here this positive message..thanks
  3. roxylove08

    Oil Cleansing Method

    Has anyone tried the oil cleansing method? i have almond oil and jojoba oil but im to.afraid to use it all over my face..what are you.experiences...i also bought some tea tree oil for active pimples..
  4. roxylove08

    Salicylic Peel?

    Hi i had a salicylic peel and it was a horrible experience. At first i smoothed out my skin but two days later i realized that my skin had completely hardened..it literally felt like.leather on my.face and the next day my skin had started to.crack and peel...the peeling was bad for about a week.it didnt make.much of.a.difference with my.skin aferwards either...it did.make.me.break out even more
  5. roxylove08

    Honey & Cinnamon Face Mask

    Yes I agree....it seems like it did help my skin calm down..im using it tonighy again along with brown.sugar as an exfoliater before the mask http://i.instagram.com/acnesufferers/ Check.out this girls.profile and how.she used.all natural things to.clear her acne...she does facemasks, oil cleansing and brown sugar exfoliation...no harsh chemicals...this is where i.got the idea.from honey and cinnamon masks..she is my inspiration in helping clear up my skin by natural products..she als
  6. So ive been reading about honey and cinnamom face masks...ive been researching natural ways to.help acne and acne scars...has anyone had any luck with facemasks? i tried honey and cinnamon last night on my forehead and nose area and my skin felt do smooth and tighter...tonight i will be exfoliating with brown sugar and almond oil (i did this on my forehead last night too) and then the honey with cinnamon on my lower part of the face.. What Are your thoughts on this? im tired to getting harsh
  7. roxylove08

    Tretinoin + Bellapulse

    Wow That Was some great information...i.was wondering Why yaz works good to treat acne...there are so many side effecrs with borth control...the last bc pill i took was just horrible and im trying my best not to go on another form of bc...i have my Appointment next week hopefully my obgyn prescribes me spiro....did you purge with it?
  8. roxylove08

    Tretinoin + Bellapulse

    Thanks...ill Have to look into that aha stuff...i dont think the retin a is a product that i can stick too much longer...it just breaks me out...i made an appointment with my obgyn dr. Hopefully he prescribes me the spironolactone and not just borth control pills..iam fed up with all these breakouts. Yes ive been using it for a month every 3 days because im on the 0.1% which is the strongest..im now starting to apply it every other day in hopes that it works faster...its a slow process t
  9. roxylove08

    Tretinoin + Bellapulse

    Thanks so much i am Going To Ask my dermatologist about the spironalactone...the retain a is a slow and irritating process..its been a month and only the texture of my skin has improved...breakouts are still happeneing. I used a glycolic acidcream on some parts of my face to see if it would help and it has faded the hyperpigmentation faster than retin-a....i really do believe its hormonal and thats great news that you found a treatment that works for you...so happy for you
  10. So i finally gave in into seeing a detmatologist....i am 24 years old and im actually a very pretty girl (with makeup on) *sighs* this.acne is takig over my life i literally have pushed a lot of people away because im ashamed.of how.my skin looks...i had a vert bad break out after going on birth control pills and i.have bad hyper pigmentation...im hopeing the retin-a helps with fading the hyperpigmentation and clears up ny acne as well...what are your experiences on retin a?!? In Addition to