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  1. hi. past smoothbeam usesers. i need some help. i don;t know how much oil is reduced . so i don't want to get too dry so i don't know how mant sessions to get ? and how long after does the oil stayed reduced before it goes back to normal? thanks
  2. besides the eucerin spf , since it is sodium lactae not lactic acid, not the same. is there any good % of gycolic acid lotions over the counter, that help ,with the cells insde the pore? thanks
  3. any good lotions that are over the counter like with a good % of gycolic acid , since it is suppose to help with the cells inside the pore? besides the eurecerin because that is sodium lactacte not lactica cid so it doesn'tdo that. thanks
  4. places on my face face that are sensitiver and extra dry when i go to the bathroom and under the light for a while, areas of my face get red. has tohis happen to anyone and does it go away when finished?also, when your done how odes your skin recover excessive dying and peeling and rednesss....
  5. what happenas over time after you finish in terms of acne continue to impreove, excessive peeling and drying, rednesss......
  6. i think clearlightr may e opition so you don't have to worry about resistance with antiboitcs, after treamtent get maintenace trteamtents that could be an option
  7. what is the best topical that is clear that you can put on a pimple and notice the redness go away?i don't know if klaron is one
  8. the eucerin is not a true aha lactic acid , it is a derviative sodium lactate so it won't exfoliate. a lactica acid lotion is i found www.cosmederm.com
  9. has anybody experience only whn your skin is wet, white peely skin alll over, the only way to getrid of it seems to exfoilate it off. has anybody used aha's for trhis on accutane
  10. when the oil comes back it usually little less than before, but the lasting effect is ton the dead skin cells that cause acne
  11. low doses it will take the 4-5 month to be about 100 clear, cause it takes 3 months to a pimple to form. if take low dose probablt take it for a coulpe of more months. sypm x, what is klaron?
  12. a san fransico doctoris giving free treamtnets under a study by the fda for approval on a new acne lamp similar to clearlight that is suppose to be better. so if you live there call the dr. now for free treaments 415-392-3333 or for info on it
  13. i'd compare the tested results with clearlight, in terms of the lamp they used in stuides do. to there website fot their research aloso on www.google.com do a blue light acne search the imporatn things i know are the range of blue light and their is a certain amout of power needed to get a strong enough light ray.
  14. hey, i was wondering when you wash your face on accutane do any of you see the white peely dead skinon your face, that looks grosh when wet?
  15. adam, do you know how many watts the dermalux bacteria killer has? i am trying to compare it to the clearlight
  16. accutane and i reached the point were even using a mild cleanser once a day is causing even more dryness and the white peeling when wet looks grosh on my face. anyone experince this severe drying
  17. im taking accutane for moderate acne pim[les, non-cystic, i'm in my 3 rd month, i have a few small pimples here and there but i can see a difference in my skin. im taking 60 mg for 60 kg, im am expereimnc reallly dry skin and pinkish. i really can't wash my face cause in some parts around the front of my face it gets really white loose skin after a wash . i guess that is from the dryness. does higher doses mean your skin gets dryer or no matter it will gets the same? also, i heard it takes 3 mo
  18. i found this lactic acid sunscreen lotion on the internet. its by cosmederm, it is suppose to have this ingredient that blocks the senory reponse , so here is less redness, stinging, burning that some get with aha's.
  19. im in my 3rd month of accutane, and my skin is really dry and pinkish. but i still get a few new pimples, is that normal?
  20. has any of the older patients thought about, taking a high dose, then following with a long term slow-dose suppressive therapy? like 20 mg a week. i would think that would be less side effects like not so dry. red, since that stuff is dose related. something to think about. talk to drerm about it.
  21. how many months are people usually take accutane for? does it matter what kind of food you take it with?
  22. i was wondering if you don't mind if you personally or anybody you have known taken accutane for sever- cystic or moderate-pimples. that was "cured" or if the acne came back it was milder and easier to deal with? also were they over21. thank you
  23. i have noticed thta after a pimple ,while on accutane the red mark last longer. does it eventuallty go away?
  24. kate, if you have a derm i would call to get deatiledi nfo on it