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  1. I see there is a question about time to wait between needling. I think many people are forgetting not only does needling stimulate healing and collagen building, it also breaks up scarring. Scarring will reform, especially if it is bridged if it is not under insult. Trying to speed up the healing process with collagen supplements makes sense because you do want to needle again as soon as you can to further break up the scar tissue before it reforms, imo.
  2. As the other posters have replied, indented scars do not get better with time, normally. This is because the damage is at a deep level. Also an issue you need to consider is that some of your problem areas are in close proximity to one another, meaning there is a chance they will bridge. Take it from my experience, the sooner you begin to get them treated is the better. There are many options for you. A series of 1540 fraxels might do the trick because your marks are still red, meaning they ha
  3. I, too, did laser, which didn't help much. I think it made things worse, to be honest. It seems like 1. the best results are coming from India for some reason and 2. Subcision is the key. Check these out: http://www.idoj.in/article.asp?issn=2229-5178;year=2014;volume=5;issue=1;spage=95;epage=97;aulast=Kaur http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3996784/ Both procedures have a few things in common: they primed the skin with tretinoin cream (ret a) and used used subcision,
  4. I read this entire thread and maybe noticed a discrepancy between the way you were treated and the other gentlemen. But, first let me say, you clearly have gotten improvement! When reading your summary of the day of treatment, I didn't notice you stating they took your blood for a PRP treatment, like they did with the gentleman you referenced. PRP is platelet rich plasma which is supposed to spur healing and increase the general effectiveness of lasers and needling, etc.This stood out to me
  5. PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma. It is derived from your own blood: your blood is drawn, spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma, the plasma is mixed with a calcium substance and applied topically to the traumatized skin, it is also injected in certain areas. While it is not FDA approved, it is believed to stimulate growth and increase healing. PRP has been used and known mostly to be effective for sports related injuries of the tendons. Or at least that is what I understand.
  6. Hello Tootie, I am scheduled to have this exact procedure done next month. Actually, I am to have 2-3 sessions of decreasing aggressiveness over a 12 week period (give or take as I understand it). I am very interested in how your aftercare and recovery is going. Also, I would appreciate updates on the overall effectiveness of this treatment. I wish you good luck and hope you get excellent results.