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  1. When you buy it iff clearskinregimen.com you will end up paying 17$ + 5.40 shipping. On my listing you get it for 16.98$ with combined shipping. You're saving over 5 bucks (well over 25% profit)
  2. Hi, Sorry for cross posting on this forum for a personal gain.However I thought this might be useful to you. A friend of mine bought 4 ClearskinRegimen 2.5% BP tubes and after using 2 he no longer needs the rest two (his acne is stablised now which is a good sign that this thing works ). These two bottles are brand new and still sealed with the plastic cover. In fact I will ship it in the same DHL cover that clearskinregimen used. Share this link with anyone if you want to buy it for 5$ cheape
  3. Hey wats wrong wit supplements (creatine and whey protien)? wen i take Creatine i clear up. i think its cause u r supposed to drink heaps of water otherwise it defeats the purpose of the supplement... but yeh oh and wats wrong wit Centrum A-Z i take that... maybe thats y i have not been able to totally get rid of my pimples.... AlKaMiMe I think I read somewhere in one of the forums here that centrum A-Z has iodione in it that might be a triggering element for acne, again Im not sure
  4. I use nutrogena ultrasheer sunblock spf45, now how much of a diff does an spf55 do? Another interesting 'fact' (not sure how much of it is true) is they recommend using a Vitamin C 500mg twice a day to make the pigmentation effect of minocyclin neutral. Has anyone used a combination of Vitamin C with BP and Mino? Is it really useful to clear ur skin? Pl suggest a good brand, if its good thing to do Thanks
  5. So are you saying that it's Benzaclin thats tanning my skin and not Minocyclin? Do you recommend me to continue Minocyclin pills? And hey, what im planning for an extensive summer day backpacking for 5 days which might include a lot of sun exposure (i will be on spf45 but still) do u think the tanning effect would be worse? Thanks
  6. Im an asian and have brown skin which is slightly oily (not very dark quite light skin actually). Im 25 and I always had very good skin till I came to the US in Aug 2005(dont know why but only US seems cause acne problems in the world!). After 3 months I got acne and it was strange with a lot of wild/big pimples! This was in Nov 2005 and I used over the counter Nutroegena products like BP and salicylic acid. After 2 months I didnt find no change . Finally went to a derm but as usual american do