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  1. I wanna stand up I wanna let go you know you know no you dont you dont, Iwanna shine on, in the hearts of men, I leave them from the back of my broken hand. Another head aches, another heart breaks, im so much older than I can take, in my reflection, well it comes and goes I need direction to perfection no no no no help me out yeahhh x

  2. dream a little dream of me

  3. sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you x

  4. sweet dreams till sunbeams find you

  5. Right you should say to yourself, 'today I might not feel so great about all this acne stuff, but I'm gonna do something fun, because I deserve to be happy everyday' x

  6. aw u shud just be happy now man x

  7. Honestly, if you met a nice girl who can look past everything and anything, i think that would make you a more confident person, sometimes a person needs someone esle to help them change who they are for the better, I know thats what i would need to change
  8. I can feel your pain man...I can definitely relate to this. everyone tells me to just be positive, but how can i be positive when i'm the one with the scars? noone will truly understand someones pain with acne or acne scars unless they've been down the same road.
  9. it's funny first i had the acne and was always worried when i was younger, now that i am older i have the scars to deal with...when does it end?!!??! it's the year 2009 and there is still no CURE or close to CURE for acne or acne scars, yet we can clone a sheep, send a man to space...it just makes me sad..
  10. I was just curious if any of you carry a mirror with you all the time, right when i wake up i run to the mirror and look at my face in all weird angles and make sure i look the best i can then whenever i go places i always carry a pocket mirror and whenver i am around someone and i think they look at my scars, i always say i have to use the bathroom and i look in the mirror.....can anyone relate to this?